Can't Scan The Barcode ?

Scanners can't scan barcodes. If you encounter this situation, you should first understand that barcodes can be scanned but not uploaded, or lasers can be output, but barcodes are not scanned. 


You can scan the barcode but upload it to the computer, which means, the computer is not connected to the barcode scanner. If it is a wired scanner, you need to check the port and cable. If it is a wireless scanner, you need to reset the paired receiver. If you still can't return to the factory, check it. Look at the problem with the receiver.


If you don't scan the barcode, you need to check if you have fallen over the barcode scanner and there is anything wrong with reinstalling the lens. Is there too much dust on the dust-proof lens of the scanner? If you can see it, you can only return it to the factory for repair.



There are several possible reasons for the following:

  1. The function of reading barcode is not turned on;
  1. The bar code does not conform to the specification. For example, the necessary blank area is missing, the contrast between the bar and the space is too low, and the width and width of the bar and space are not suitable;
  1. Direct sunlight, the photosensitive device can't work well;
  1. The surface of the barcode is covered with a transparent material, and the degree of reflection is too high. Although the eye can see the barcode, the collector cannot read it;
  1. Hardware failure, contact your dealer for repair.


In the process of using, you will also encounter such a situation. After reading the barcode, the barcode scanner will crash. Due to the protection function of the scanner, if the barcode data transmitted is incorrect, it will automatically enter the protection state, thus preventing data loss. If the data that has not been successfully transferred is read, the scanner can be reused. If this happens, please check the connection and agreement carefully. After confirming the error, turn off the barcode scanner and turn it on again to resume normal use.


If you have any problems using  Munbyn's barcode scanner,

Please call the hotline:  +8617817881067

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