How to print 4×6 shipping labels on eBay--- Munbyn ITPP941

  E-commerce has changed the way of shopping over the world. You can create amazing sales with a computer. Sales on eBay, a mainstream e-commerce platform, have always been very impressive. As a seller, you can conduct sales and auctions all over the world. In the era of big data, combined with a convenient shopping process, you only need a paper voucher-a shipping label for goods to reach buyers. So how to get labels on eBay is the subject of this article. We will take Munbyn label printer as an example to list the label printing process.

  You can print shipping labels on eBay, but how do you choose your logistics? First of all, you need to know that eBay supports three modes of shipping: USPS, FedEx, and UPS. Due to the nature of the platform, eBay’s preferred logistics provider is USPS. With this method, you can print all your labels at home and put the sold goods in the mailbox or hand it to the post office then go to watch TV with confidence. You can also choose FedEx and UPS, but you have to specify the method you want as the preferred shipper when creating the shipping label.

Next, we use Munbyn ITPP941 to print 4×6 shipping labels via standard USPS mail as an example.

  • First, go to My eBay and then Sold.
  • Check the order you need to ship and click, you will find that the label size is not 4×6 as 1-1

the best label printer for eBay


  • Click Change Preview, select 4×6 to save as 1-2


  • Check important information such as delivery address, weight and size, etc.

the best  label printer for eBay


  If you don't have an active order, you need to find and print labels in the following order: my eBay>>settings>>shipping labels>>More Actions>>Print another labal.

  Then you will come to the same step stage as above.

  Before click Purchase and print label, don't remember to install and connect the Munbyn label printer.

  • Connect and calibrate the paper like this
  • Find Munbyn ITPP941 and set up

For windowsOS, the most accurate entry of setting interface in order is: Settings -> Devices -> Printers and Scanners -> Right-click on 'Munbyn ITPP941' -> Manager -> Printing Preferences -> Page Setup -> New.

  • Click Purchase and print label

  When you get here, you have basically completed the labeling work, and then you will receive a payment notification in your PayPal, and soon you can watch your TV with peace.

  If you still have unclear parts, please check the operation video prepared by Munbyn.


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