How to print customized stickers by label printer--Munbyn ITPP941

  If you have your own small online business, I guess you will understand the joy of printing shipping labels at home, saving time and money spent on buying labels, and avoiding waiting for printing at the post office. As long as your computer 'Ding' a sound shows that you have a new order, it is not only the happiness of a new income but also the convenience of printing at home at any time. But when you are packing your goods, have you ever thought about printing things other than shipping labels? For example, a customized sticker can be included in your package or attached to the surface? why not try it today! When you check TikTok, you will know how popular customized packaging stickers and freebie stickers are now. Today’s article sets Munbyn label printer ITPP941 as a guide, so you can start creating your own package decoration soon!


   The first step you should install your printer quickly, as shown in Figure 1-1, taking Desktop PC as an example, you can start the first step of powering on your printer by checking the connection sequence in the picture. If you are using a laptop, the only difference from a desktop PC is that plugging the USB interface into the computer itself.


Tip:you need to use the power adapter provided by MUNBYN.


Finishing that, you will start to calibrate the paper and place your sticker papers in the direction shown in Figure 1-2. The next thing you will do is:



1) Calibrate the paper

  • Load no less than 8 consecutive stickers into the printer.
  • After the paper stop moving, press and hold FEED (red/green light), and when you hear a beep, release the feed.
  • The printer will learn the size of the paper at this time. After the process is complete, the printer is back to normal.
Tip: The adjustment length of the sticker should be stretched to completely cover the inside of the printer, otherwise it cannot be calibrated.

2)Please confirm the size of the paper.
3)Set the size of the paper on the computer. Make sure that the size setting on the computer(MacOS and WindowsOS) is the same as that of the paper.

 You can be aware of the size of general stickers to design your sticker pattern and plan the pattern size. As a reference, Munbyn label paper has square ones of 2.25inch×1.25inch and around ones of 2inch×2inch. After that you can print the pattern that will be fully in line with the sticker area display.

  After setting your pattern, you need to set the print area of ​​the corresponding pattern, which means Setting the size of the sticker on the computer.

For MacOS:

1.In your print preview page, click on "other".(2-1)

2-1 on "Manage Custom Sizes".(2-2)


3.Enter your paper size and margins on the next window and click OK. You can rename your new label size by double clicking on the highlighted item on the left.(2-3)


4.Select the size(the same size as the paper) you added, and select "scale to fit"(2-4)


For WindowsOS

  You need to pay attention to the order of entering the printer settings. This is a misunderstanding of people who are new to small label printing. I have gone the wrong way and caused the setting page to be strange. If you don't wanna be similar to me lol.

  The most accurate entry of setting interface in order is: Settings -> Devices -> Printers and Scanners -> Right-click on 'Munbyn ITPP941' -> Manager -> Printing Preferences -> Page Setup -> New.

If you walk through it in the complete order, you will be very familiar with the following picture (3-1), and you will not go the wrong way!


  After you finish setting all the steps, you can open your pattern design, we take canva as an example (3-2), according to my pre-designed pattern size is 2inch×2inch, so I will take the first few steps decided to set up the printer according to this size.


  When you download your pattern, Munbyn recommends that you download the file in PDF and open it with Google, as shown in Figure (3-3).

Then select the size (the same size as the paper) you added, and select "fit to printable area", you can get an exquisite pattern sticker that exactly fits your paper size!


  Therefore, you only need to learn some simple pattern designs can you get your own small business packaging stickers! After learning through the guide, everyone can be a little expert in making stickers and can create exquisite packaging like TikTok video-makers to win customers' love, so start moving now!

If you still have some unclear points, the following is a short video we made for your reference. Faciliate your entrepreneurial journey, Munbyn has always been on the road.




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