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  When you need to inquire about this issue, Munbyn celebrates that you have a sale at Poshmark! The joy that comes with the sale is, how do you ship your products on Poshmark? In addition to packaging, it is label printing work. If you have a printer, the printing you can do at home will be standard 4×6, or 8.5×11. If you reject inkjet printers or laser printers and upgrade your label printing job, then I am glad to inform you that you are one step closer to high productivity. This article will set the professional Munbyn label printer to print 4×6 shipping labels and packing slips to provide a guide for your shipping journey.


  Before you are ready to ship, the good news is that you don’t have to buy the label. You will receive an official email from Poshmark, which contains a PDF file of your shipping label. As the easiest platform in terms of the shipping process, all you need to do is just 2 steps. Open the shipping label file in the mail and print it out. After the packaging is completed, the label can be attached to start shipping.

Tip: The printing preference of Poshmark is 8.5×11. To adapt to Munbyn label printer, do not forget to adjust the paper size to 4×6.

  • How to adjust the print paper size

     1. Log in to your store and find your profile picture as 1-1

best thermal printer for Poshmark


      2.Click the picture>>Account Settings

how to print shipping label in Poshmark


      3.Click Shipping Label Settings

the best label printer for Poshmark


      4.Select 4×6 page dimension

the best label printer for Poshmark seller


  The packing list is for better tracking of items for an order, the printing information and the setting method will be found here.

  Some label printers need to set the print size on the printer after you set printing preferences in Poshmark. Munbyn label printers only require to be connected to the power supply and calibrate to learn your paper, then you can print with one click.

  • How to connect the printer and paper calibration, please check here

  If you are still looking for a more intuitive setting video, Munbyn has prepared it for you. I wish you a steady stream of orders at Poshmark, Munbyn has been committed to facilitating your small business.


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