How to Print Shopify Shipping Label in the Easiest way--Munbyn ITPP941

  If you are selling on Shopify to start your first order shipping process, then you will definitely find the answer to this question, an interesting fact. So how do we get the shipping label through the easiest setting?

  In the beginning, you should be aware that you will buy shipping labels on Shopify to create shipping documents. The creation of Shopify labels is due to Shopify’s independent option-Shopify shipping, which is similar to the exclusive function that Shopify officially creates for shipping labels. Unfortunately, this function is only available in a relatively common country. If you are from the United States, Canada, Australia, or the United Kingdom, then I am glad to inform you that you will get convenient in this process.

  If you are outside of these countries, you are required to install a third-party fulfillment shipping label APP, check here to choose the right software according to your country. This guide sets the Shopify official website as an example of how to print shipping labels. Before doing so, please make sure that your Shopify account is ready for Shopify Shipping.

  After understanding the premise, the easiest way is to get your label in the Shopify admin. You can print it at the post office. However, choosing the Munbyn shipping label printer supported by Shopify can directly print the results you want, thus saving you time and effort in waiting at the post office.

  • Next, how do you get your shipping label in the background?

  First, complete the installation of the Munbyn shipping label printer, including installing the driver, connecting the power supply, and calibrating the paper. You can check here.

1. log in your Shopify admin, click orders, as 1-1

the top shipping label printer


2 Create and purchase your shipping label as 1-2,1-3

the best label printer


the best label printer


3 Choose the appropriate shipping label size and click print as 1-4,1-5

the best shipping label printer


the best shipping label printer


4 Choose Munbyn ITPP941 and get the printed shipping label

  • enter the setting interface: Settings -> Devices -> Printers and Scanners -> Right-click on 'Munbyn ITPP941' -> Manager -> Printing Preferences -> Page Setup -> New.

The best shipping label printer for Shopify


Tip: Munbyn recommends you Google Chrome to open PDF files as 1-7

the best shipping label printer


  • Select the size(the same size as the paper) you added, and select "fit to printable area", then you can get the shipping label you required.

  If you are looking for a clearer operation, Munbyn has prepared a video for you to better refer to. On your online business journey, Munbyn has been committed to providing you with better electronic office equipment, and wishing your small business flourish!


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