How to Process Shipping Label Printing for Etsy sellers--Munbyn ITPP941

  Initial users of Etsy will face a lot of doubts, how to create a product listing? How to design the shop logo? The printing of shipping labels is also one of the problems that afflict you. The complete steps include getting the labels you want through Etsy, downloading the shipping label, printing it, and finally attaching it to your package. In the long-term period of shipping,  if you are willing to go to the post office to wait or hand it over to your freight clerk to deal with your labels, you will spend more on the package cost. So which printer should we choose to print at home? Ordinary laser printers or inkjet printers will make you feel crazy when cutting labels, so the exclusive 4×6 shipping label printer will give you a solution. This article takes Munbyn ITPP941 as an example to provide a rough guide for your label journey.

  First download the shipping label in the Etsy background, and proceed with this step in the following order.

  • To download a shipping label
  1. Sign in to
  2. Click Shop Manager.
  3. Click Orders & Shipping.
  4. Click the order for the shipping label you want to reprint.
  5. Click Download Shipping Label.

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  • Next, you will set up Munbyn 4×6 label printer

Tip: Connect the Munbyn printer and calibrate it, you can view steps here.

  After the connection is complete, it’s worth noting that all the specialized 4 x 6 label printer can only format USPS shipping labels. So formatting shipping labels for your label printer is an essential step.

  • How to format the labels
  1. Go to your Etsy store
  2. Click Shop Manager as 1-1

the best shipping label printer for Etsy


     3. Click settings>>shipping settings as 1-2

print shipping labels for Etsy sellers


      4.Click Shipping Label Options as 1-3

the best shipping labels for Etsy sellers


      5.Find Download Preference>>Format my labels for 4x6 Label printers 

how to print the shipping labels for Etsy sellers

1-4 the setting

shipping label printer for Etsy sellers


  All 4×6 label printers can be formatted according to these steps. If your printer is a laser printer or an inkjet printer, choosing high-quality white paper or self-adhesive label paper can ensure your print clarity, after all, every carrier does not want to encounter the trouble that low-quality shipping labels may cause.


  If you still have any questions about formatting settings, Munbyn team has prepared a video for your reference. We wish your shop a steady stream of orders in this peak sales season!


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