How to troubleshooting your thermal printers--Munbyn ITPP941

Thermal printers are generating great value for improving productivity and reducing initial costs for more small businesses, and this is also the reason more start-ups choose this technology. Long-term stable working hours can create continuous value for us, while malfunctions in the printer will always affect our packaging progress. As the saying goes: Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Assuming that you can grasp the common faults in advance and troubleshoot them, it will speed up the whole process of your production. After understanding the factors that affect the thermal printing results, Munbyn will carry out troubleshooting instructions according to specific matters, and clear the stone for your printing journey.


Common faults are printer settings refer to here. In more cases, when you have successfully set up a printer on your computer, the printing results make you rant. Next, take the Munbyn ITPP941 thermal printer as an example to solve the printing issue.

 Missing part of the printing result

1. Take the 4×6 shipping label as an example. After setting the print size on the computer, the print result is still missing, for example, the barcode is not printed, and the consignee's information is not printed. Next, there you need to make are:

  • check if your adapter is included in the packageas 1-1

the printing issue


2. A blank label is printed? The possible reasons are

  • The most common reason is that the labels were loaded upside down. Please ensure your labels are properly loaded, the tearable side up.
  • Ensure your labels are "Direct Thermal" labels

If the above are correct, however, the printer still prints blank labels, then try to print the self-test page

  • Press FEED(green/red light) button and hold on

  • Release after you hear two consecutive beeps. The printer will print a self-test page. If the self-check page is not printed, please contact our after-sales service 


3. The printer shows a red light?There are 2 common situations.

  • Your printer is not loaded with label paper, then after loading the paper it solved

  • Your printer does not recognize the size of the paper, There are two manifestations

(1) After the printer successfully prints a label, it outputs a few blank sheets of paper and cannot print continuously, and then the printer appears red.

(2)The printer only prints a small part of the text and the paper is jammed, and then the printer shows a red light.

For these situation, you can still let the printer learn and calibrate your paper again.

Print Quality Issue

1. labels are not sharp / dark

  • Try to choose PDF file format for printing instead of PNG, PIG and other image formats

  • Choose printer features, adjust the density, try to choose low speed while high density as 1-2( Example for mac)


2. Some white dots or vertical lines on the printed label

  • It is likely that the printer head has gotten dirty.

  • Wipe the printer head clean according to this

If you are exactly using a Munbyn printer, after learning more troubleshooting examples you still cannot solve it. please feel free to contact our after-sales service. Ahead of this, if you would like to know more ideas about printer performance options, please check here.











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