Mobile computer | Handheld terminal FAQ(Frequently answer and question)

Whether big or small business, when they start to use handheld terminal, called PDA as well, to manage to stock, goods, and data, they may meet some different questions or issues. Following are the collections those they normally to have, and the way to solve.

Q: They purchased the MUNBYN PDA, the model name is IPDA050/IPDA037/IPDA056/IPDA051 when they test the scanner, it won't input the scanning data in the App, why?

A: Adjust the output mode in the application ‘Scanner’ or ‘Keyboardemulater’ (there are 2 series of industrial terminal with different scanner tool) that comes with the device, to solve this problem.

  • ‘Scanner’: open the application, get the option of output mode in the ‘setting’ and select the mode which adapt the App they are using. Pic. Attached below
  • ‘Keyboardemulater’: open the application ---> App settings ---> Process mode. Pic. Attached below

Q: Why the scanner can’t scan, there is no light when pressing ‘scan’button and trigger?

A: please check the Keycode of the scanner in the ‘Keyboardemulater’, they need to enter the 139 for scan key and 280 for the trigger, then switch on the ‘Enable scanner’ Guide picture is following, this solution suitable for IPDA050/IPDA037/IPDA056/IPDA051

Q: When using the IPDA030 with 2D scanner, why it can’t use the camera in 3rd party App?

A: IPDA030 is using the Honeywell 6603 scanner head, for this version we design it that the camera and the scanner are taking the same API interface. So we suggest to temporarily turn off the scanner in the ‘Scanner’ application.


Q: Why it can't be power up when they just received the PDA?

A: There will be a insulation sticker on the battery when the product delivered to customers, please rip it off before power up the device. And the terminal will also can’t be turned on because of the low power, charge it for about 30mins when they can’t start it. This solution only for the PDA with removable battery, like model names are IPDA018, IPDA030, IPDA050.


Q: Mobile computer fails to charge?

A: First, make sure the insulation sticker on the battery(except the model with Non-removable battery, and IPDA030's battery is removable) has been ripped off.

Please try to charge it for about 30 minutes before turn on, because the device won’t be powered on in very low power.

If it still not works, please try the troubleshooting below to locate the issue, and contact us by email or Skype and tell us the order number, we will provide further solution.

Charge it with another adapter and cable to check if it is the issue of the charging equipment.

Charge it with the charging dock if there is another one available, to check if it is the issue of the charging interface.

Change another battery on it to try.


Q: How to add a Enter/TAB after the scans on PDA? 

A: set it in the application ‘Scanner’ or‘ Keyboardemulater’ (there are 2 series of industrial terminal with different scanner tool) that comes with the device.
①‘Scanner’ : open the application ---> setting ---> additional content. Picture attached.
②‘Keyboardemulater’: open the application ---> App Settings ---> End mark. Picture attached.

Above are the Frequently answer and question for mobile computer applying on logistic, storage, express, retail etc.. What about FAQ for the commercial PDA applying on retails, ordering? Please check the following collected:

Q: How to make the printing clearer on Android handheld terminal?

A: First, make sure the receipt printing is in 58 mm size that fits our printer so it will not cause the font reduction. There are 3 ways to help to make the result clearer.

  • Set the print density to larger value in Setting.

IPDA032/049: Setting ---> inner printer ---> print density Picture 1 attached.
IPDA045: Setting ---> printing ---> print density. Picture 2 attached.
② Clean the printer head and the roller with cloth and alcohol. Because after a period of use, the stains on the printer with make the printing not as good as previous.

③ The printing print quality is also related to the paper using, load up with new paper in good quality to make sure the printing could be clearly printed.

Q: The handheld terminal with printer, if it can connect with other devices? My handheld POS is IPDA045

A: The inner printer has been connected inside on hardware, and the Bluetooth is virtual. So it is only able to connect with the device itself and doesn’t support to connect with other devices.


Q: If the handheld terminal IPDA032 and IPDA049 work with Loyverse POS? How to connect with the built-in printer? I'm considering which products should I choose for our retailing shop.

A: We would like to provide the video to check, here is the link: (the same settings as IPDA045)

There are the efficacious solutions to exclude the exact and correct problem, then solve it in the right way.
Hope these instructions are helpful, any questions, feel free to discuss on MUNBYN forum or talk to us directly :)

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