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  • 4 Optional Counterfeit Detection: UV UV - Ultraviolet, MG - Magnetic, IR - Infrared and DD - Dimensional Detection. 
  • 10 Counterfeit Detection Methods: UV、IR、MT、MG、Dimensional、Thickness detection、Security Line Detection、Variable ink Detection、Spectrum Detection、Fluorescence Detection
  • COUNT-Count the number of bills: ADD-Multiple bill counting batches can be added together. BATCH-The money counter stops each time the set number of bills to be counted is reached. The cash counting machine can also be selected in manual or automatic mode.
  • Audible and Visual Alert: Remind you of a potential fake bill's risk, when a suspicious bill comes.
  • Denomination Recognition: Counterfeit money detectors also recognize the denomination of checked bills for added security.
  • Upgraded Roller: With Premium Friction Nudge Rubber Roller, the money detector can feed and verify the brand new, curled, and wrinkly bill.

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