FAQs of Barcode Scanner


(1) Q: Why the scanner doesn’t output the data after barcode reading?

A: ① Please scan the Factory reset code in the manual and re-plug scanner to reset the scanner. ② And it may also because the scanner got into other output mode, you can scan the USB keyboard interface mode to get it back to USB HID connection.

If the settings above still not help, please try to change another port to check.


(2) Q: Why the scan result is garbled?

A: it probably because of the Keyboard setting is not correct(The default setting is the US keyboard). You need to set the keyboard language of the scanner to the same as the input method you are using. For example, if you are using French input language and system language, you need to scan the setting code about French keyboard language in the manual.


(3) Q: Why the scanner doesn’t scan some types of the barcode?

A: For some uncommonly types of codes, our scanner would be not default to enable reading them. So you can read the ‘All barcode types’ in the manual to enable reading uncommonly types of codes. If there is no setting code about the barcode types, please contact us by email, Skype or whatsapp, we will have a check for you.


(4) Q: How to disable the Enter after the scans or change it to a TAB?

A: The Enter is the default tail character/terminator of our scanner, you can disable it or change it to TAB directly by scanning the setting codes in the manual.


Have more questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us.



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