Label Printer Setup FAQs

Label Issue

  • Why is my shipping label not completely printed? Too small or only part of it? 
  • Why I printed blank labels?
  • Why is the label stuck in the position where the barcode is printed?
  • Why does the printer out a lot of blank paper after one successful print? / Why can't I print continuously?

Print Quality Issue

  • Why my labels are not sharp / dark?
  • Why are there some white spots in the printed labels?

Other Issue

  • Why does the printer show a red light?
  • Why does the printer keep beeping?
  • How to create new customized label size?
  • How to print label in non 4x6 inches size, like USPS and Amazon ASIN labels?
  • How to print self-test label?

Setup Guides Collections

  • Setup Guides for more platforms and online stores.
  • Find more FAQs of label printers on YouTube

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