Why the printer print extra blank labels after printing?

1. Please check if the page size set in the driver match your label size.

(1). Windows: Go to the ‘printer preferences’ ---> ‘advanced’ ---> ‘paper size’, select the correct size for the printer(If you are using 4x6 paper, please select the 100*150mm)

(2).MacOS: If you print a 4x6 size page. In the print dialogue, please be sure to select your "Paper Size" appropriately (for example 4 x 6).


2.Thesize of loaded paper is smaller than the label file’s(For example, when printing the 100*190mm file but using the 100*150mm size paper).

For this situation, you can adjust the scales, margins in the page setup in the using browser.

(1) Chrome: set the scales and margin in printing preview

2. IE browser: click the ‘file’ ---> ‘page setup’ and adjust the margin

(3) FireFox: Click the ‘file’---> ‘page setup’ and you can set the scales and margins.


3.Ifyou are printing from ‘Acrobat Reader DC’, please don’t select the ‘Choose paper source by PDF page size’


4. If above are correct, but the printer still print blank labels or the label cannot be completely Please operate by following steps to get the printer to re-identify label size.

  1. Pull out the USB cable and restart the printer; Press FEED button and hold on;
  2. Release your finger when you hear five "Di" sound.
  3. Then, you will hear another one long "Di" sound, which means the printer was reset.
  4. Then, we can set the printer to learn label size.
  5. Turn on the printer;
  6. Press FEED button and hold on;
  7. Release your finger when you hear one "Di" sound.
  8. Then, the printer will "know" the label size and will not print blank label or incompletely. Please re-connect the USB cable to ITPP941 and try your print.

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