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Print cute Easter bunny stickers with a thermal sticker printer.
Print cute Easter purple egg-shaped stickers with a MUNBYN sticker printer.
Print cute Easter yellow bunny sticker labels with a MUNBYN white thermal printer.
There are cute Easter bunny and Easter egg-shaped stickers with a thermal printer on a desk.
Cute Easter bunny stickers on packages and purple egg-shaped stickers on milk bottles.
Cute Easter bunny stickers on packages.
Four easy steps to print on MUNBYN custom Easter bunny labels.
thermal rectangle Easter bunny sticker labels

Easter Elements Thermal Sticker Labels | 500 Labels/Roll

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· Direct Thermal Label. No ink toner or ribbons are needed.
· Printing your logo for branding and promotions
· You can stick a tiny badge of loyalty or memo on teacups, bags, laptops, and more.
· Premium-grade materials. BPA & BPS Free.


1. The label must be used with the label holder, the effect will be better. Without the use of the label holder, the label cannot be printed continuously, and the paper will become a crepe.

2. When setting the color of the template font, please use a dark color. Dark colors are good for printing.

3. If the printed pattern is in the opposite direction, please open the print settings and make adjustments as shown below

Template downloads

Easter Egg (Size : 3*4 inch)

Download PDF

Steps For Usage

Strong Adhesive & Crystal Clear Printing

The Easter-themed stickers are made of high-quality materials. They are waterproof and oil-proof due to a protective film on their surface. And they are non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and safe to use. They can be printed quickly by thermal label printers.

Easter sticker labels are easy to peel and stick. You just need to gently tear them off from the roll, then you can stick them anywhere you like. When you no longer need to use it, you can easily tear it off without leaving any marks or glue.

Develop your multiple usage scenarios

These Easter sticker labels are exquisitely designed to add a unique atmosphere to Easter. Designed in different styles, our Easter sticker labels look eye-catching and vivid, easily attracting people's favor and fondness.

Make a memorable party with these Easter sticker labels on your tablecloths, clothes, or candy bags for Easter parties, birthdays, baby showers, graduations, etc. You can decorate Easter cards, gift boxes, gift bags, toys, and crafts.

Develop your multiple usage scenarios

These multipurpose labels can be used for a number of different home and office applications: barcodes, product identification, pricing tags, address labels, file folders, milk teacup, memo, QR code printing, laboratory number labeling, labeling kitchenware, labeling bath supplies, consignment use, healthcare, governmental work, and all your business needs!