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6 Small Ideas to Print Packaging Stickers--for Shopify Sellers

6 Small Ideas to Print Packaging Stickers--for Shopify Sellers

  If you are a Shopify seller who is keen on social media, I guess your business will be easier than a seller who does not use social media. After all, according to the survey, 5.2 billion people are using mobile phones in the world, and among them, social media users have reached more than 4 billion. Almost 4 out of 5 people use social media. We use social media to know about all sorts of information, and we have common needs so that we can easily find that some netizens are at the same stage as us! We are all Shopify sellers. When we use Reddit, we will find groups discussing various e-commerce issues. Using Pinterest, we can find some business strategy articles. We find many beautiful pictures and videos on INS. There are many operation videos on TikTok. You will get various info on social media, and you must have thought about learning to use it for marketing.


Marketing is not only crazy recommending how your products are useful, but also showing your products to others in a form that users are not disgusted with. Too much text may make your description cumbersome and procrastinate, and the marketing traces are obvious. The video content will be more intuitive, and the increased number of fans will be amazing. Shooting the operation video can make your users feel interesting and see the actual results while watching your rehearsed operations. The accumulated traffic is very effective for your product promotion. The content about packing ideas in the small business-related content is very popular on Tiktok. It is worthwhile to make a variety of stickers for your small business. When this process is recorded and displayed on social media, it is likely to attract your buyers to Fall in love with your packaging! Let's check out some inspirations for packaging stickers. Starting today, you can also have the same type of stickers, all you need is a sticker label printer.


Stickers can be roughly divided into stickers that you put on the surface of the outer packaging and stickers that are placed inside the packaging. The outer packaging stickers may remind others that your products are fragile and need to be placed gently without bending, or to attract your customers to see your thanks or other product information, Regarding the internal stickers, you can add some small ideas, as long as your customers have a chance to see it, it may bring you marketing. You can try to print some stickers with your social media information, or the recent activities of your store, such as inviting your users to take pictures of TikTok for your products, and setting reward thresholds, etc., and even your after-sales service. People will like more creative things, and this sticker will stimulate them to participate. Of course, making some exquisite freebie stickers will make girls crazy, and the cost of buying stickers is not low, but it is with the kindness of you to gift them directly. It is very likely that they will leave you a good review because of this detail.


Outer packaging sticker ideas

Regarding the placement of reminders, you can consider the more popular DO NOT BEND stickers or fragile stickers. Perhaps your transport staff will be more careful not to throw them away when they deliver your package. Your customers know when they receive it. The fragile commodity needs to be set in a safe place. If your package is a small product packaged in bubble letters, you can add happy mail inspiration! For example, happy mail sticker, start your fun! Customers have more expectations and fun when they open it. Handmade stickers will let people know that you are in small handicraft business. Buying a handmade product is equivalent to supporting a dream!

packing stickers ideas


Inner packaging sticker ideas

If the one posted on the outside of the package is a refreshing idea, then the one placed inside belongs to the little secret between you and your customers. It's a great opportunity for you to get closer to them and to increase user stickiness! You can first consider Thank you stickers to express your gratitude to your customers for supporting your dream, which will make you more humane and kind. For example, if the product package you receive is only the product itself, would you just treat it as an occasional purchase record and don't remember the store? Because the service is essential to the improvement of users’ favorability, this is likely to affect whether you will have a second transaction. If you want to promote your marketing more, you can consider snap tag share stickers, which are stickers that stimulate social media communication. You can attract your users to shoot and post to tag your shop. Because the first impression is nice, users will be more willing to occasionally send a post to promote your shop in the fun games time after time. Custom freebie stickers may not bring traffic to your store, but beautiful stickers are irresistible to girls. These small stickers can be used in bullet journals.


print thank-you stickers for the packages

You can narrow the distance between you and your customers through the small ideas in the packaging. The small business you are engaged in will get better and better as you take every customer seriously and meticulously. Therefore, stimulating marketing communication may get results in your small stickers. Try to learn to design beautiful patterns, record and share the surprise moments of the entire printing and packaging process, and believe that your small business will eventually be seen by others. 

What's more, when you finished packing and you are ready to ship your surprise package on platforms such as FedEx or USPS, you can check many interesting details on sending your deliveries via FedEx, including what does in transit mean, on Tracking Advice.

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