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the best Bluetooth printer for Etsy Sellers

A smart investment for Etsy Sellers: The Munbyn Bluetooth Label Printer

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Sometimes the process of choosing the right kind of hardware for your business needs can take time. This is the reason why it is essential to make the most out of your time and efforts. The level of convenience that you achieve with your workflow is also going to be important.

Today, we are going to be talking about the advantages of having your own printer for your home business. In this case, we will be discussing the use of thermal printing solutions. A very practical type of printer that shows to be one of the most reliable additions to any home business.

How does the thermal printer work?

The process of thermal printing makes use of a thermal print head that heats up with a reaction that heats the labels containing specific chemicals that create the image. This is a method of printing that is very common to see for shipping labels, invoices, product labels, and many other tasks.

The advantages of using thermal printing:

  • Fast and reliable printing procedure that offers great quality
  • Thermal printers are very compact and easy to carry around
  • This method of printing is very efficient and sharp
  • Investing in thermal printing means no toner or ink expenses

The disadvantages of using thermal printing:

  • Prints are black and white only
  • Label sizes are limited

The only two noticeable disadvantages of the thermal printer aren’t even an issue for most situations. Black and white labels are ideal for products in most home based business situations. The label sizes are indeed limited, but they are also idea for product labeling and shipping.


Wireless Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer ITPP129


All about MUNBYN Wireless Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer

This label printer is an ideal solution that is going to help you achieve the best results with your efforts.

This thermal printer offers a large number of great features with both the basic and pro versions and it has a kit with various combinations. This makes it an ideal choice in terms of versatility when printing labels.

You can use your smartphone or tablet to operate the printer and it can also be connected via USB. There is less power drawn to this kind of printer and it takes full advantage of Bluetooth technology. You won’t need to be dealing with cords and power outages.

This is the type of investment that is going to help you maintain productivity while you avoid having to break the bank.  When you only depend on your own resources for your business, you get rid of many complications and unpredictable situations.

Some of the advantages of the MUNBYN Wireless Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer ITPP129

  • It has 203 dpi
  • The printer can print from phone or iPad (compatible with Android and IOS)
  • It provides a stable connection (5m-10m)
  • There is no need for ink or toner
  • The print speed: With a maximum print speed of 150 mm per second
  • You can produce 72 shipping labels every minute on average
  • Printing Size: 1.57"-4.3" wide
  • It comes in two color options: black and pink
  • A very affordable investment at $199

It is evident that this printer is a problem solver and that is the kind of solution that everyone should have at home for their business. The cost is accessible, the connectivity is optimal and the printing speed is great. The fact that it can also be easily operated from your smartphone or tablet device makes it even more appealing.


Why is this a good investment for Etsy Sellers?

When you are running an Etsy shop, you need to be able to guarantee the most reliable results. The best way to make that happen is to increase your productivity.

The thermal printer is also going to make it much easier for you to get optimized results and avoid the risk of any paper jams. The costs of purchasing this printer are quite affordable and you avoid having to purchase toner all the time. The costs of toner can be huge and they alone can be a burden for your business economy.

There is also the fact that this is going to be extremely useful for branding purposes. Other than printing shipping labels, you can also design thank you stickers, logos, and personalized stickers which build personalized relationships among your customers. The more you can grow in this sense, the easier it will be for people to remember your store and to want to come back for more purchases.

When it comes to reliable investments for your business, you can always have peace of mind if you choose a MUNBYN Bluetooth printer. This is a long-term purchase that you are going to find very useful and it provides the efficiency that you want and need for your business.


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