How Does a Thermal Printer Work?

How Does a Thermal Printer Work?

With the pandemic posing new challenges, more people are opting to shop online. Meanwhile, many small business owners, including you, see opportunities in the online eCommerce business. If, like most business owners, you are looking for a convenient and cost-effective way to back up your business, a thermal printer is an excellent choice. In this article, we'll go over everything you need to know about thermal printers.


What is a thermal printer?

Thermal paper conceals all of the mysteries of a thermal printer.

A layer of transparent film is applied to the surface of thermal paper, which darkens when the part is heated by the printer.

At room temperature, it takes a long time to turn dark, but at high temperatures, it only takes milliseconds. Unlike traditional inkjet printers, there is no need for ink or toner throughout the entire process.

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What are thermal printers used for?

Thermal printers are commonly used for a variety of purposes and come in different models that can accommodate various sizes of thermal labels. The most common size is 4" x 6", but they can also print labels as small as 1" x 1" and as large as 4" x 8". Shipping labels are the most common type of label printed on thermal printers. Thermal printers can also be used to print product labels, receipts, barcode labels, label stickers, and so much more.

Thermal printers have some advantages and disadvantages.



1. Fast printing speed

It's surely time-consuming to use an ink printer since it engraves ink on paper. Thermal printers are way faster than that. Time is money for entrepreneurs, and this is a great option to go.


2. High resolution 

Thermal printers produce high-quality images. Ink fades and smudges easily, but thermal printing can last for a long time at room temperature.


3. Cost-effective and environmentally friendly 

Since it doesn't require ink or toner, a thermal printer saves you a lot of costs from your pocket and and helps the environment by using less carbon. As previously stated, it generates an image by heating chemically treated paper; thermal papers must be used with a thermal printer.


4. Portable and convenient

Because the thermal printer is simple in design, it is extremely portable. It's small enough to fit in your bag and is only three times the size of an iPhone box.



1. Fade under exposure to heat or sun

Thermal papers are temperature sensitive. As a result, if exposed to sunlight or heat, it may fade over time. However, keeping it at room temperature can extend its life by up to ten years.


2. Only available in one color

Thermal printers are not capable of printing multiple colors at a time, they only produce black words or images.


3. Parts can be costly to replace

Specialized parts typically have a long lifespan. A print head has an approximate lifespan of 100KM, but it can be damaged if overheated. Replacing a new print head can be a difficult process. It also comes at a high price.


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Final Thoughts

With the use of a thermal printer, printing would be both time and cost effective. Consider how many shipping labels and receipts you have to deal with every day, and how much time you can save by using a thermal printer. With the right information, you can select one that will make your business life easier.

Last but not least, the Munbyn store offers a variety of high-quality thermal printers and well-designed labels. Have a pleasant shopping experience there.

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