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How To Buy A Good PDA For Business

Different industries have different requirements for industrial-grade PDA performance and application fields, and users can choose according to their own needs. The following introduces the 12 major standards for selecting industrial-grade PDAs.

With the development of technology, industrial-level PDA devices are widely used in various industries due to their sturdy and durable characteristics.

Industrial-level PDA devices refers to a PDA that can be used in various industrial environments. Due to the harsh industrial environment, such as high temperature, dust, oil, etc. Industrial-level PDAs generally must reach a certain level of industrial protection, generally more than IP64 in China. Besides, industrial-grade PDAs can support both RFID read and write and barcode scanning functions, which are not available in consumer PDAs.

Different industries have different requirements for industrial-grade PDA performance and application fields, and users can choose according to their own needs. The following introduces the 12 major standards for selecting industrial-grade PDAs.


1. Application field

Users can choose different PDA devices according to their different needs. For example, when working in a warehouse, if it is used in a large-scale warehouse, the storage position of the goods is relatively high, and it is far away from the operator. You should choose an industrial-grade PDA device with a large depth of field, along reading distance and a high first reading rate. If you use it in a small or medium-sized warehouse, you should choose a full-featured, easy-to-operate PDA DEVICE. Besides, because the frequency of the user's use of the PDA in the warehouse is extremely high, this requires the PDA to have high quality, good grip, and capable of performing thousands of high-intensity scans.

2. CPU performance

At present, the number of CPU bits and the main frequency of industrial-grade PDAs has been improved. Some high-end PDA devices products have adopted 32bit CPUs with RISC, which improves the user's on-site processing speed.

3. The operating system

Industrial PDAs are available in two operating systems: Android and Windows. Android has openness and freedom and can be developed twice. The Windows system is more stable. Users can choose according to their needs.

4. Memory capacity

The memory capacity of an industrial PDA device determines the data capacity and corresponds to the CPU processing speed. If the PDA has a large memory capacity and the CPU processing speed is slow, it will undoubtedly increase the processing and waiting time of the user.

5. The coding range

Industrial-grade PDAs can recognize dozens of different code systems, but there are big differences. For example, when used in a logistics enterprise, it is also necessary to consider EAN128 code, Sanjiu code, Kudba code, and the like. The user needs to consider the coding range when selecting.

6. The first reading rate

The first reading rate is a comprehensive indicator of industrial-grade PDA, which has a certain relationship with the printing quality of the bar code symbol, the design of the decoder and the performance of the scanner. The higher the first reading rate, the more work time is saved. At the same time, the higher the first reading rate, the higher the bit error rate. Therefore, when selecting a PDA, the user should select according to his actual needs and balance between the first reading rate and the bit error rate.

7. Protection level

An industrial-grade PDA device must have a high degree of protection to be used in harsh industrial environments, which ensures that the PDA is stable while operating. For example, Dongji's PDA protection level has reached IP67, waterproof, dustproof and anti-fall.

8. Screen resolution

The higher resolution can better support the software, the status display operation interface, and improve the user experience. Appropriate brightness and contrast also protect the operator's vision.

9. Interface requirements

The interface of the device is also an important factor to consider when choosing a PDA. When selecting, users should understand the operating environment, interface mode, etc., and choose a PDA that adapts to the operating environment and interface mode.

10. Communication ability

At present, PDA uses infrared communication to transmit data, eliminating the need for any plug-in components, reducing the possibility of failure and improving the service life of the product.

11. The price

When choosing a PDA, the price is also a problem that users are very concerned about. Due to the configuration and functions of the PDA, the price will change. Therefore, when purchasing, you should pay attention to the purchase according to the actual needs, and the functions that are not used can not be used.

12. Service

Perfect pre-sales and after-sales service is a necessary consideration for the selection of industrial PDAs. This ensures that if there are any technical problems or after-sales problems in the purchased PDA, professional teams will answer questions and escort the purchased equipment.

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