The Difference Between Commercial And Industrial Barcode Scanner

Bluetooth Scanner, an unfamiliar electronic scanning device, is a common scanner in the supermarket. And it’s classification can be divided into commercial scanners and industrial scanners. How do we distinguish them as first-time purchasers? Here are three different points from Munbyn to understand the difference!

1.  The Performance Of Bluetooth Scanner Is Different

Speaking of industry, we will think of not only its heavy workload, but also its high requirements. Due to the complex industrial environment, sometimes long-distance scanning or barcode density is relatively strict under outdoor strong light. These factors will cause the commercial scanner hard to meet the special requirements in industrial environment, so industrial scanning is required. While commercial bluetooth scanners, such as supermarket barcodes, are commonly EAN-13 codes. Many products are printed, the bar code quality is clear, and many are easy to scan. So the commercial bluetooth scanner is common in this situation.

2.  Bluetooth Scanner's IP level is different

Due to the difference between the industrial and the supermarket environment, industrial environments may encounter liquids, or shock vibrations or dust, and so on. Therefore, industrial scanners are usually used, which are usually measured by IP level. And to determine the stability and reliability of the scanner. On the contract, the supermarket environment has a relatively light requirement for the IP level of the scanner, and there are also different concerns about splashing water and others.

3.  Different Scanner

Industrial scanners have high performance and are resistant to falling, dust, and water, so the price is high. Although the supermarket's scanners also have a certain IP rating, the industry rating is generally low for cost considerations. Therefore, the scanner of supermarket generally range from dozens to a few hundred dollars, which is much lower than that of the industry. Although industrial scanners used in factories and commercial scanners used in supermarkets are different, the purpose is to better scan and collect barcodes.


Munbyn advice: Commercial bluetooth scanner and industrial scanners are chosen according to the reality. The supermarket and factory bluetooth scanner are different, but not the higher the price, the better, but based on the use of the environment.

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