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What Is A Thermal Printer

The name thermal printer may sound strange to you at first. We all know the printer is necessary in daily work and life, but what is a thermal printer?

The name thermal printer may sound strange to you at first. We all know the printer is necessary in daily work and life, but what is a thermal printer?

Principle Of Thermal Printer

For thermal printer, it's defined as: "A thermal printer has a semiconductor heating element installed on the print head which heats and touches the thermal paper. After heating, a chemical reaction starts in the film coated with a thermal color layer to produce patterns. The thermal printer reacts chemically at a certain temperature. High temperatures accelerate this chemical reaction. When the temperature is below 60℃, it takes a long time, even several years to get dark. However, at 200 ° c, it happens in several microseconds.”

To put it simply, the principle is that there is a layer of preheated discoloration film on the thermal printing paper. After heating the printing head of the thermal receipt printer, it becomes a pen with ink. On the thermal paper, the written place will turn black, which equals to drawing the pattern with the pen.

Thermal Printers In Life

In fact, the thermal printer is not far from our life, and even everyone has seen it, but you didn't notice it.

The man who collect water bills, a small machine in hand, would type the receipts on the spot after entering the value; the receipt is printed directly when swiping your card with POS terminal; supermarkets and KFC cash registers will also print a list for you after receiving money. When you buy clothes, a white note is attached to the clothes tag, on which the price of the fabric is printed by the barcode printer. These notes and receipts are thermal sensitive paper! And the machines that they use are thermal receipt printers.

See, it's not far away. Your life has been "infiltrated" by thermal printers! Why not come and get one!

A Good Choice Of Thermal Printer

Wider. Larger. More Possibilities

3 inch thermal receipt printer with auto cutter and the fastest printing speed--300mm/sec, suitable for supermarket, retail shop, clothing store, restaurant, parking, gas station etc.

Product Using Support: Mini Printer, Desktop Printer, Label Printer, Barcode Scanner, Handheld Terminal, Document Scanner, Data Collector                                                 

► You can add your LOGO on every receipt from Setting Tool along with Printer Driver.

► You can turn on/down/off the sound volume by DIP Switch below machine.

► If you wanna connect the receipt printer via LAN cable, you can set IP address with the guide of User Manual. We also have training video to show you.

How To Use Thermal Printers

The thermal printer has a software and an App that you can install. This is the program controlling the receipt printer. The program is rigid forcing you to do your accounting in it. This is good for those who don't have an cashier software already. For the remaining people, their software does not worth it and especially that you have only 1 month free trial. On an another hand, to do your own invoices, you have to have your own technique to copy paste data to it so you can print. You have to select any text on your smart phone, click "share", choose the printer, it goes to the printer clipboard and you click print. Here your receipt goes!

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