MUNBYN Packing Tape, Heavy Duty Shipping Tape with Total 360 Yards, 2.7mil, 1.88 >
MUNBYN Heavy Duty Shipping Tape has super-strong stickiness, keeping your packages sealed all the time.
MUNBYN Heavy Duty Shipping Tape has 2.7 mils strong toughness and loads up to 50 lbs without fracture.
MUNBYN Heavy Duty Shipping Tape has high transparency and does not cover identifying information.
MUNBYN Heavy Duty Shipping Tape is made with water-based acrylic glue and is environmentally friendly and comfortable to use.
1.88" *60 Yard Per Rolls MUNBYN Heavy Duty Shipping Tape is compatiable with 3" wide tape dispenser guns.
MUNBYN Packing Tape is widely used for Shipping, Packing and Storage.

Heavy Duty Shipping Tape 6 Rolls (1.88" x 60 Yard /1 Roll)

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· High bond strength. Great for heavy packages
· Perfect thickness and toughness. It can withstand 50lb without breaking.
· Easily read and scanned and complies with postal, courier, shipping, and packaging standards.
· Sold as 6 rolls/pack. Total 360 Yards.
· Fits any 3" core tape dispenser.

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Now even the heaviest packages can withstand rough handling

A woman is using MUNBYN packinfg tape on a package.

Who Needs Us

Use this packaging tape for all your shipping, mailing, and office needs. Furthermore, the multipurpose tape can also be used to store and organize household items or for other purposes. Our carton sealing tape is worth adding to your supply list, whether personal or business, retail or online seller, shipper, or mover.

MUNBYN heavy-duty shipping tape can solve various problems with tape.

Load up 50lb, Without Fracture

With its superior thickness and durability, our 2.7mil tape can withstand 50lb without breaking. Improve packing efficiency and cut down on waste with this item, thanks to its resistance to ripping and folding back.

A set of MUNBYN tape contains 6 rolls of 60 yards each.

Strong Adhesive

High adhesive strength of MUNBYN packing tape, any type of box will remain securely sealed throughout transport. The tape's stickiness is also unaffected by changes in temperature or humidity.

A warehouse worker is using tape on a package.

No Terrible Smell

Acrylic-adhesive shipping tape eliminates the potential for a foul odor during shipping. High-quality acrylic glue may be easily removed and does not leave a sticky residue. Its transparent design allows for easy label reading and scanning and meets postal, express, shipping, and packaging standards.

MUNBYN heavy-duty tape is an excellent tool for shipping packages.


MUNBYN heavy-duty tape is helpful when moving house.


MUNBYN tape can be applied to remove dust and pet hair.

Remove dust and pet hair