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Elevate your products with MUNBYN's gold holographic labels, versatile enough to serve both as practical markers and ornamental additions.

Discover our mesmerizing gold holographic thermal stickers, specifically crafted for seamless printing with thermal printers—no ink, toner, or ribbons needed.

With their superior stickiness and residue-free removal, these stickers ensure that your items remain undamaged. Choose from two shapes, rectangle and star, for versatile use across various applications.

Our gold holographic thermal labels are compatible with various direct thermal printers, including MUNBYN 130/941/129 Series, Phomemo, Rollo X1038/X1040, Jadens JD-328BT, Nelko PL70E-BT, and more (note: not compatible with Dymo and Brother). They are free from BPA & BPS, making them a safe choice for everyone.

Elevate your branding with these eye-catching gold thermal labels. Use them on gifts, greeting cards, packaging bags, wedding favors, bath products, wine bottles, and more. Their waterproof and durable design means they're not just visually appealing but also practical.

Their waterproof feature makes them suitable for use as body wash labels, ensuring durability even in moist environments.
Employ MUNBYN gleaming thermal stickers as expressions of thanks on gift boxes.
Grace your wine bottles with these radiant labels, showcasing date and varietal details in a sophisticated manner that captures attention.
Elevate the allure of your candles by adorning them with MUNBYN gold holographic thermal labels.
Unleash your creative flair by applying MUNBYN gold holographic thermal labels to glassware for a mesmerizing decorative twist.
MUNBYN gold hologram thermal labels can further amplify the aesthetic appeal of greeting cards, turning well-wishes into truly enchanting keepsakes.

Experience the dazzling effects of our high-quality, long-lasting gold holographic thermal labels. The spectrum of light reflects beautifully at different angles, creating an unforgettable shine. Elevate your designs with these stunning stickers today!