3 Easy Steps to DIY Your Pantry Labels

3 Easy Steps to DIY Your Pantry Labels

You know how it is: you open up your pantry and start looking for something to make for dinner, but everything's got a different label on it. It's hard to tell what's what, and then you end up grabbing the wrong thing and having to put it back in the wrong place. That's no good—and no fun.


So why not make your own pantry labels? You don't need anything fancy here.You can make your pantry labels in any style you want, and use them as a way to share your love of food with the world.


Step 1: Create categories

Before you start labeling your pantry items, you need to figure out what categories you'll be using. Are there a few main types of food in your pantry? If so, create labels for each of them. If not, think about how many different types of food you have—do you have dozens of different types of crackers or just one or two?

If you have a lot of food items, put them into categories such as snacks and desserts.Use containers for storing food items that you want to keep fresh for a long time like flour and sugar. Use air-tight containers to store other foods like rice and pasta that need air circulation to stay fresh.


Step 2: Prepare equipments needed


  • A thermal label printer is what you need to DIY your pantry labels. These printers are fast-speed, and they can withstand water and oil (which is great for a pantry).
  • Label your pantry jars with circle sticker labels, and you'll never have to worry about them sticking to the sides of your jars! The best thing about sticker labels is that they're easy to peel off. You won't have to scrub at them to get them off. And since they're not leaving a layer of paper on the jar, you won't be left with any residue.



Print pantry labels using a MUNBYN thermal label printer.



  • You'll need a design tool. We recommend Canva because it's super easy to use and has tons of templates that you can customize with your own text and images. Plus, it's free!


Step 3: Get down to business

  • Go to Canva
  • Create a design
  • Custom size: 2 in*2 inch (I'm a fan of round stickers)
  • Pick a circle element and stretch it to fit into two inch board
  • Choose a font you like
  • Center everything
  • Save as PNG file
  • Connect to your MUNBYN printer
  • Select Paper size 2"*2" ; thenyou are ready to hit the print button
Print circle labels on Canva.
Pick a circle element and stretch it to fit into two inch board
Stretch the  circle element to fit into two inch board.
Choose a font you like on the circle stickers.
Save the circle sticker design as a PNG file.


Get organized, set aside 15 minutes to prepare these labels, and you'll have a clean and handy pantry that you can restock without losing your mind. And the next time someone comes over and offers to help out with the dishes or cooking- they'll thank you!

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