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6 Holiday Packaging Ideas That Boost Sale

6 Holiday Packaging Ideas That Boost Sale

There is no question that the holidays help bring a whole new approach to branding. When your business is able to customize the packaging based on the holidays, this is going to help increase engagement.

Today, we are going to give you some ideas on holiday packaging that can help you achieve amazing results. Keep in mind that this is the kind of thing that is always going to help your business boost engagement and appeal.


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1. Packaging materials

When you decide on the type of packaging, you need to ensure that it matches your product brand and style. This means that the colors, the texture, the shape, the size, and the fonts or graphics should all match the brand completely.

Adding a nice ribbon or package tape that will bring more of a holiday theme is also a great thing to consider. You should have wrapping paper as an option too because there are very few packaging alternatives that scream holidays like that.

Poly mailer is a great choice if you are working with small products and this can be a great alternative that your customers will appreciate. Keep in mind that proper labels are always a necessity regardless of the choice you make.

Another thing you don't want to overlook is the packaging sticker label. You can print thank you notes and holiday blessings on the labels to create a special bond with them. This can be applied to packages or parcels.

At the end of the day, the main thing to always consider is that your packaging should always appeal to your target audience. It can be something simple and sober, or something more colorful and flashy, but the brand needs to be represented properly.


2. Special offer

Adding some kind of special offer card to show your gratitude to customers is always a great way to enhance the packaging. You could include an exclusive discount card with holiday purchases for your VIP customers.

This is always going to be a great strategy because it will help motivate a customer to come back for more purchases. 

This may require that you consider several ideas to make sure that you are attracting recurrent purchases. Even when you feel that special offers and discounts are not viable, you can always give something to customers to encourage them to come back to purchase something else.


3. Brand Story

The brand story is always something that appeals to customers if you know how to write it. Printing it on the package or in a small flyer inside the package is always a great strategy.

A great way to enhance your brand is by ensuring that your logo is printed properly and that you have appealing blank labels. The MUNBYN label printer is perfect for those who have a small business and do not want to be working with a third party.


4. Small gifts

You can also think of adding small gifts to your packaging that could reflect a holiday style even more. Customers always appreciate small gifts such as stickers labels, sample product,etc. This is always a good thing and it will help create an amazing result for anyone who seeks to achieve the best outcome.

The more you are able to include little details and extras, the more memorable the packaging will be to the customer. This has always been a very powerful tactic for any business that is looking to improve customer retention and loyalty. 


5. Personalized note

Everybody feels good when they are treated special. Writing a personalized note to your customers and wishing them well can easily accomplish this. After all, who doesn't appreciate genuine connection?


5 Holiday Packaging Ideas That Boost Sale


6. Try something bold

When the holidays come, the best way to appeal to any potential buyers is to offer a holiday experience. This is a very powerful way for any business to engage potential buyers during specific times.It is also important to determine which holidays and special days of the year are worth considering depending on your audience.

Some business owners take it to a whole other level and they don’t only focus on Christmas holiday packaging. They also change their packaging theme and look based on the seasons, or any other celebration such as Halloween.

One of the great things about changing your packaging based on the holidays is that it keeps things fresh. You won’t want to bore your audience with the same package style all year long.


The takeaway on holiday packaging

  • It helps boost brand awareness with your target audience
  • The engagement levels are increased by providing holiday themes
  • You can add extra gifts and thank you notes
  • It creates an opportunity to showcase your brand story
  • You will keep the brand fresh by switching packaging designs


Final thoughts 

The more creative you can be with your packaging, the better the results will be. With that said, it is always a good idea to stick to the brand theme if you want the packaging to have the right kind of impact on your target audience.

Now that you have a better idea of how this works, you need to take the time to look into the type of packaging that will make the best impression for your specific audience. 


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