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How to create Christmas packaging everyone will love--Label decoration

The annual shopping spree will eventually reach its peak at the end of the year, Christmas. During the busiest period of the year, not only buyers will have checklists that are almost one meter long to make a huge purchase plan, but sellers even start to prepare their Christmas gift packages and promotion planning earlier. It is a grand ceremony for both offline retail store owners and online e-commerce owners. Although Christmas has more than a month to start, all sellers want to stand out in this battle. One thing you can consider for Christmas 2021 is how to create packaging that people will fall in love with to surprise your buyers and make your store unique. Sellers who know how to make plans for large-volume orders in advance began to design their own Christmas limited packages in November or even earlier. Sellers, who are one step ahead can plan for packages people will WOW in a festive atmosphere, while you are clueless? Next, you need to follow Munbyn to get your inspiration.


You can ask yourself on many levels, what kind of packaging might your users prefer? You can start from the color selection, packaging style, decorations, packaging accessories, inner packaging design, these levels.  You know your customers enough, you will know enough about the general packaging direction they will like.


Color selection and packaging style

Santa Claus, Christmas tree, reindeer, these iconic symbols, their tone is red and green, imaging the streets and alleys are full of red and green decorative objects, use these two colors on your packaging absolutely Not wrong, you can check these warm holiday gift boxes, as long as your goods are not high-end luxury goods, red and green boxes will become the most festive packaging. If you don’t want to spend too many consumables for your packaging, or you prefer their simple style, for example, the brown and beige outer boxes can blend well with many elements. You are only required to buy some packaging accessories. Ribbons with festive patterns can be completed. If you want your product packaging to look simple but expensive, try golden embellishments, which will add a lot of exquisiteness to your packaging.

Christmas packages
Chistmas gifts wrapped by brown paper


More than just decorating the house, have you tried Christmas sweaters? You may say that the pattern of sweaters does not make you look fashionable, but these holiday inspirations may be added to your packaging! Scandinavian countries have a long history with folk designs, so this limited pattern definitely adds features to your package! Snowflakes, pine trees, and reindeer, I think these patterns will never be out of date.


Decorations and packaging accessories

The packaging box may be the basis for you to carry gifts, but decorations and packaging accessories are likely to become the key factors that keep your package standing out. Even if the box is great, the exquisiteness of every small detail will ultimately make your winning packaging. The ultimate accessory on the outside of the box, ribbon, or packaging twine is your necessary consideration. White or checkered pattern ribbon and red or brown twine will form the soul of packaging decoration.


But just having a ribbon is not enough. There are too many creative ideas for your business promotion in the space of your packaging box. Next, you will be aware of the effect of label decoration. Prompt your customers to participate in your promotion online by printing Christmas theme tags! This is an easy job, while it brings subtle surprises to your customers, and provides a way to use packaging in your promotion strategy. Many retail companies are carrying out this potential marketing. Starbucks did, too.

print Christmas decorative stickers with circle labels


Not only the Christmas theme label, but your label includes all important information, including your product information, and to convey the joy of the holiday to your customers. It is these subtle things that make this day unique. Stickers are small elements that you can place in any position. You can print MerryChristmas artistic words on your parcel. More inspiration is to promote your brand building work, printing your shop logo, and your customers will regard this packaging as a unique be produced in your shop. You can rely on a Munbyn label printer to achieve these. This investment will achieve packaging ideas for different festivals. You are likely to be able to recover your costs in a few months and get greater returns.


What's more, Christmas decorations such as bells or pine cones and Christmas cards are also an optional inspiration!


Inner packaging design

The inner packaging may directly affect the mood when opening your package. Do you like your items are placed in a standardized way? The same as your customers. Placing partitions for your inner box will make your merchandise look comfortable. If you don't meet this standard, put packing fillers, such as shredded paper or wood wool, they will not only make your package look fulfilled, you can also make the inside look more shining by choosing a special color of red or gold.


It's your turn to design your Christmas packages, they will sparkle, right? To create a special Christmas 2021 for your customers, starting from opening your package, how can our label printer help you?

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  So are you going to start decorating your Christmas packages with labels? There are still many inspirations you will continue to find in the printed labels! Munbyn is also looking forward to the most romantic holiday of the year-Christmas with you.

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