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Top 5 Candle Making Kits for Beginners

5 Best Candle Making Kits for Beginners

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There is no question that candles have become a very valuable item that people use for many reasons. Be it for meditation and wellness or for the purpose of decoration and celebrations, candles have always been an important part of our lives. 
Given the large demand, there are more people out there who are seeing the value of starting their own candle wax business. This is the reason we why have decided to talk a bit more about the best kits available and the products you need to make quality candles.

The Top 5 Candle Making Kits

The following are our top picks for the top candle making kits based on the research we have done regarding their features. It would be safe to say that this top 5 are good in equal measure, so their order in this list does not mean one is better than another in every way. They all offer plenty of features and advantages.

The Dellabella Candle Making Kit

This kit uses natural soy Wax and it comes with sweet orange, lavender, cherry blossom, and eucalyptus scents. It also comes with a very convenient storage box and reusable molds. Those are features that make it a great option.

The Dilabee Candle Making Kit

This kit also makes use of natural soy wax and it comes with a different variety of scents including clean cotton, coconut lime, and cinnamon vanilla. It contains all the items you need and it includes very detailed instructions for use.

The Hearts & Crafts Candle Making Kit

Like the other kits, the Hearts & Crafts kit also makes use of natural soy wax. One of the drawbacks of this particular kit is that it does not come with scents, but it makes up for it with a large amount of soy wax that is included (5 pounds).

Yunio Light DIY Candle Making Kit

This Kit uses Beeswax and it comes with lemon, rose, eucalyptus, lavender, spearmint and ocean scents. It comes with all the required accessories and candle tins. You also have access to multiple dye color options.

Scandinavian Candle Co. Luxury Candle Kit

You will find a total of two pounds of 100% natural soy wax in this kit and it comes with mandarin, lime basil, sea salt, and wood sage scents. You won’t find wax dye in the kit, but it does come with those high-quality fragrances.

Note: Every kit that we just mentioned is a great starter kit that offers all the basic items you need, but you can find many others on the market. Some of them are cheaper and have a lower number of accessories. This could also be a good option for people who already have some of the products needed for the process of making candles.


Top 5 Candle Making Kits for Beginngers

Candle Making Checklist

There are several products that you need to make candles that have the appeal and market value you want. The following are some of the most essential products you should always keep in mind.

Soy and beeswax candles

You can choose either one of the types of wax and they are both going to provide very similar results. One of the main advantages of using either type of wax is that this is an environmentally friendly product in both cases.

It is essential to remember that this is the core element that you need to have in any candle making kit. It seems like soy is the most popular so far, but they both prove to be just as good and completely natural.

Essential oils

These oils are very important as they are the ones responsible for adding the scents to your candles. If you are looking to sell quality candles, you are going to find that scented ones are always the preferred choice for a large number of people. You can make them in a wide range of scents including herbal, citrus, floral, etc.

It is important to consider the kind of scents you want to make and it is always good to do some market research to find out what scents are always popular and which ones are trending. This is going to help you decide what types of scents to use the most to have more candles in stock that are likely to sell faster.

Candle tins

These are the most commonly used containers that are used by people who sell scented candles. The tins add a very elegant, yet rustic style to the candle presentation and they come in several different sizes and shapes. Another great thing about them is that they are ideal for the purpose of adding your logo print to the candle tin.

The candle tin also provides the element of being very easy to carry safely. These tins usually come with lids and this makes them even more convenient and appealing to your users. This is the main reason why candle tins are such an important part of any kit.

Personalized decorative labels for candle tins

This is extremely useful because it is going to allow you to take your candle business to a whole new level. Think about this as the ultimate way to supercharge your brand. It is always going to remind people of your business when they use your candles. One important aspect of branding is your ability to showcase your company logo.

A great way to do this is by investing in a quality home printer that is built for this purpose. The MUNBYN ITPP941 Thermal Printer is ideal for the purpose of printing custom sticker labels that you can use on your candle tins. This printer offers high-quality prints that are ready in the blink of an eye.

Ultimately, this is the perfect way to ensure that your candle business is truly 100% home-based. It allows you to have the whole process done at home without having to look for any external service that is going to add to your costs. Having to seek external services of any kind could severely affect your profit margins.

print candle labels with a Munbyn thermal label printer


Other accessories needed to make candles

Other important products that you can use for this purpose include melting pots, mixing spoons, thermometers, candle wicks, and proper attire such as an apron and a hair net. Aside from the printer, the apron, and the hair net, you are likely to find the rest of these accessories on most DIY kits on the market.

You can always purchase any extra items you need separately. Keep in mind it is essential to have those extra accessories. A printer is also crucial for the success of your candle business. It will make things much easier and it will help you grow your brand faster.

Final thoughts on the top candle making kits for beginners

If there is one thing that matters when you are looking to start a new candle business is to purchase all the accessories and equipment needed. This is going to allow you to begin this process with a more organized approach. Doing this is the best way to take your business in the right direction from the beginning.  

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Kathleen Eversole

Would like to make candles in time for holidays, and about what is the cost to start making candles?

Would like to make candles in time for holidays, and about what is the cost to start making candles?

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