3 reasons why the thermal shipping label printer is an excellent investment

3 reasons why the thermal shipping label printer is an excellent investment

If you are looking for a thermal shipping label printer to upgrade your shipping tools, and you have not made your decision, then you have come to the right place. 

Before we get too deep in the weeds, we should explain what is a thermal shipping label printer. Let’s start with the way it operates.

How does a thermal shipping label printer work?

On a thermal printer, you are printing with heat, instead of ink.
The thermal printing process heats thermal paper with a special dye coating that turns black when it is heated. The images will be produced when the coating turns back.


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Why the thermal shipping label printer is an excellent investment?

Here are three reasons why thermal is an excellent investment for small business owners.


1. Print custom stickers

You can print all of your custom stickers, more than just shipping labels.

Home office use

As for small business owners, stickers play an important role to increase brand awareness. Using some unique stickers as one of your marketing strategies has been proven to work well. For example, you can add your brand’s name or logo to your stickers and create some stickers with Halloween elements. And then you can label your candies.


Canva, which allows you to create useful designs, and make your own band stickers. Such as thank you stickers, fragile stickers, festival stickers, QR code stickers, inventory stickers. Canva has a lot of elements, and you can add them to your stickers. It is very easy to use.



MUNBYN shipping label printer can print different sizes of paper, from 1.57" to 4.3" wide. There is no restriction on the label height, ideal for 4" x 6" shipping labels and stickers.

What about the cost of a single sticker? Around $0.01 to $0.02 . Munbyn offers roll stickers and rectangle one in pink, white, blue, green, yellow. 750 pics of roll stickers for $11.99. 1000 pics of rectangle one for $11.99. If you have purchase a thermal shipping label printer, then you should make good use of it. It’s totally worth every penny.

The price of normal stickers is almost the same as custom stickers.
However, you can add your own logo or brand’s name to your stickers.


Personal use

Thermal label printer can make your life easier. It is an ideal item for personal use. You can print mail stickers, organize stickers, aesthetic stickers. 


2. Good money saver


Upfront costs

Lifetime costs

Thermal label printer


Only shipping labels

Laser printer

$100 up to the thousands

Shipping labels

Ink cartridge/ Toner cartridge

Upfront costs

There aren't significant differences between thermal and laser printers in upfront costs. The solid offering for the price of a thermal label printer ranges from about $130-$200. Laser printers range in price from $100 up to the thousands.

Lifetime costs

Thermal shipping label printer uses no ink or toner to work. All you need is heat-sensitive thermal labels, which costs almost the same as ordinary label paper, and often less. As for laser printers, you'll need to buy supplies such as ink cartridges and toner to refill. These refill materials are not cheap. Ink cartridges cost around $20 to $40 apiece. Toners are even more expensive, costing around $50. Besides, you may get a pro to help you to clean it out.

3. Huge timesaver

Using a thermal label printer will help you speed up your packaging process. Unlike laser printers, thermal printers don't require warm-up time before start. And thermal printing is always faster than laser printing. Thermal shipping label printers also tend to offer much higher print speeds.  

MUNBYN  ITPP941 thermal label printer


However, the disadvantages of a thermal printer are that the printed images tend to fade over time and have color limitations.
But still, the pros of thermal shipping label printers outweigh their cons. If you are going to purchase a thermal label for your small business, consider getting a high-quality one, we would like to recommend MUNBYN thermal shipping label printer for you. You could read more reviews on this page.

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