4 factors select a printer for working from home

4 factors select a printer for working from home

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If you are about to handle your work or study at home during the epidemic, the printing jobs that require running around, such as file transfer, contract signing, and receipt printing, will urge you to start thinking: how much will own a portable printer save time and speed up production? In fact, this is indeed a clever investment, which creates long-term value for your work.


Therefore, Due to home printing, you have checked the main printers on the market, so how to find the printer that best meets your needs according to your budget? Oh, this is a much more esoteric topic than selecting a refrigerator. We put laser, inkjet, and thermal technology together to sort out their printing principles, printing performance, and applicable scenarios. Whether you want a cost-saving compact printer or a larger file printer, we hope you can find a model here.


Print speed VS print quality

Referring to the printing principle, higher printing quality means higher Dpi, while higher Dpi limits the printing speed. It is difficult for both to achieve the peak at the same time. Choosing the one you are concerned about more to decide suitable parameters would be realistic. Furthermore, In terms of print quality, inkjet printers are the best performers among the three. referring to the meaning of inkjet, this principle is based on the deposition of ink droplets to accurately form images on paper. The image is printed from dots, thus, it makes sense that Dpi (droplets or dots per inch) directly affects the print quality. For instance, 600dpi comparing 500 dpi inkjet printers. 600dpi means that the number of droplets per inch is denser, which tends to the clearer image to achieve higher quality printing. But we have to admit that for home offices which are in pursuit of efficiency, you cannot require inkjet printers to fully meet your needs. The fastest printing technology is thermal printing. Generally speaking, although their print quality is not as high as inkjet technology, Munbyn thermal printing efficiency can reach 6inch/s, and the speed is about twice that of small inkjet printers. Due to different principles, thermal images are printed by dot heating, so the ink cartridge is omitted, and the printing can be done simply by printing-head heating.


Portability and simply

Home printing work makes you have to consider whether it is easy to install and quickly put into use. Besides, assuming that your office location is changeable, you would not want to see a large printer when you need to move. If you have requirements for connecting devices, Bluetooth and WiFi are the most common wireless connection methods on the market, but extra after-sales problems would be brought by wireless is how to connect devices accurately.



The early input cost calculation makes your headache, including purchase cost and maintenance cost. Concerning purchasing cost, all-in-one printers such as HP and Canon cost between 350 and 450 US dollars, and their initial investment is almost twice that of ordinary thermal printers. For inkjet printers, expensive ink cartridges are a printing consumable that you definitely buy, while the consumables needed for thermal printers are only thermal paper. Therefore, for those with an insufficient budget and no high requirements for print quality, thermal printing technology would deal with it.


Applicable scene

Inkjet printers have turned to be the most commonly used printers, which have a wide range of printing. The best color printing keeps people to rave, for it will definitely bring you satisfactory family photos, and if used for business, it also has a variety of sizes to satisfy your needs. Then the principle of laser printing is to attract atoms of opposite charges through static electricity. The core part of the entire printing process is the photosensitive drum. The use scene of laser printing is more in offices and workplaces, not at home. It can also handle color images, but the most common is to deal with text and Excel printing. For large-volume document printing, laser printing can be considered. Alternatively, thermal printers are well-known for being suitable for small businesses. low-cost, low-consumables, high efficiency, etc. their performances to facilitate start-up home business.

inkjet printer in the office

There are long journeys to selecting the printer that is best for you, but if you are in e-commerce, make sure to check out the printer that is best for online business.



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