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4 things Etsy sellers need to prepare before opening a store

4 things Etsy sellers need to prepare before opening a store

  The previous article talked about how entrepreneurs who want to open their own stores in 2021 choose an E-commerce platform. Except for knowing about the charging standards and applicable people of each platform, the operation process, payment method, provision of personal information, account information, etc., will be things you need to consider next. If we choose to develop our business on Etsy, which is a small business fee-friendly, the next to understand some of the things that Etsy sellers need to prepare before opening a store, will help you have a general psychological preparation so that you won't face the situation that no direction and be in a hurry.


Naming your store

  First of all, we need to understand that when you are ready to start a new store, your brand name will be the most basic and first consideration. So how would you start your naming job? This sounds like giving your child a nice and meaningful name that makes you entangled, also you will find that in all the stores on Etsy, it is difficult to find unused store names. But don't worry too much, because since you want to develop it, will find your store name in the end. First of all, you can determine a rough keyword range based on the products you sell. If your products are very common, such as stickers, you can try to add some special characters, such as your name, or add numbers more. In addition, when you choose your store name, don't forget to choose the domain name that matches it. Believe me, buying a domain name will make you feel grateful for this decision in the future. Assuming what happens to your Etsy store in the future, you also have more options. Even if you don’t need it now, you can still forward your domain name to your Etsy store. the web you can refer to namecheap.


Payment method

  Secondly, when selling on Etsy, the second thing that needs to be concerned is how your users will pay for you and how you will collect them. With so many payment methods, I still recommend that your customers use PayPal. Even extra fee may be incurred. Most customers may not always be willing to use their credit card, but storing their money on Paypal. Offering the Paypal option may give you some additional sales. Of course, you can also choose to merge the two payment methods, but abandoning PayPal is not your choice. When you need to use a Paypal debit card to quickly withdraw cash from sales, this is also very convenient.


Image design

  After the payment and the name are completed, you need to design the image for your brand, including your Etsy title picture, avatar, and store logo. Design these pictures according to your ideas. If you have Photoshop operation skills, but if You think this is a difficult task, you can also consider paying to find a designer on Fiverr. Make sure that your store header image can show some of your product characteristics, or at least it is relevant, as to your avatar, if you choose your own photo, will make your store look warmer and more humane.

  • Etsy title: small banner 760 x 100 pixels or cover photo 1200 x 300 pixels
  • Store logo: 500 x 500 pixels
  • Avatar: 400 x 400 pixels


  On your about page, show your entrepreneurial story, or the source of your interest, so that users who are interested in your experience or hobbies will know you better, are willing to contact your store, so that understand your products. Why do you want to open your shop? Show your proud achievements and attract more like-minded people.


Purchase of equipment

  After you have completed these, your initial work on the website is roughly completed. Next, you might consider how to purchase equipment for your e-commerce business, because you did not even buy a camera for contributing your product images! How can you start your sales? Some general equipment will be shown in the following list to provide you with a guide for an initial purchase of equipment, but you need to go through your screening to buy the most suitable equipment for you.

  • laptop
  • Packaging materials (e.g.bubble Mailers&bubble Cushioning Wrap Roll)
  • Shooting equipment (camera, soft box or soft light and bracket)
  • printer

1 Used to print order invoices, etc.

2 If you want to save your budget for a long time, choosing a shipping label printer to print  labels is the most suitable choice.

MUNBYN thermal printer for shipping labels


Starting a new way of life requires courage and a lot of thinking, and the labor you pay will shed a lot of sweat, but when you get the fruits step by step, it will be a great event! And get more autonomy to achieve content, completely define your store, Etsy provides a good platform for you to develop your own online business.

I hope you will encounter less trouble and save more budget and time when you start your shop. MUNBYN has been on the road to accompany your work and create more choices for your business.

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