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5 Factors to consider When selecting a money counter

5 Factors to consider When selecting a money counter

Bars or high-level restaurants are indispensable in modern society and have considerable profits in the catering industry. Retail shop owners with increased income may want to add a money counter to count large amounts of banknotes at some point. If you are one of the people I said want to buy a currency counter, but you are at a loss for those technical terms and parameters, please don’t worry too much. Choosing a suitable currency detector depends largely on your need. Do you want to use the counter for personal or business reasons? How many bills do you need to process each day? What is the industry you are in? To make it easier for you, we have listed 6 important factors to consider when buying a banknote counter. Use this as a guide to choose the counter currency counter that suits you based on your own situation.


Volume and weight

The simplest question you need to consider first is where do you plan to put this machine to work? If it is placed at your cashier counter or other relatively small office location, then you need to consider buying a compact cash counter to prevent you from buying it but nowhere to put it. If the nature of your work determines that you need to move the machine frequently, so do not consider the machine that is too heavy.


Recognition efficiency

Are the banknotes you can usually receive are new? If most of your banknotes are old, the surface is slightly worn, folded, and stained, then the efficiency of the banknote counter you need to choose to recognize your banknote images should not be too low. As long as you search, you will find the CIS technology of the cash counter. This technology is simply an ability to recognize the image of banknotes, and it is also an image sensor. There are two kinds of money counters on the market, 1CIS and 2CIS. The accuracy of money counters with 2CIS technology is about 3 times that of 1 CIS. The machine will work more stably, Just like our MUNBYN IMC01 bill counter equipped with 2CIS technology, but it ultimately depends on your banknote itself and your needs.


Anti-counterfeiting technology

The anti-counterfeiting technology of the banknote counter is uneven. If you can choose, you don't have to save money. purchasing a machine with advanced anti-counterfeiting technology will reduce more unnecessary losses for your business. After all, there are about 220 million US dollars of counterfeit banknotes in circulation on the market. If you are operating a bar where fake bills are popular, then the bank-level anti-counterfeiting level will be a necessary choice for you. The parameters of counterfeit detection technology are more esoteric, such as UV(Ultraviolet), MG(Magnetic), IR(Infrared) detection functions, but bank-level technology is enough. In addition, if your business will accept some foreign currencies, then you also need to consider the multi-currency banknote counting function. Of course, adding mixed amount counting will be more expensive, but this can also help you save time like Munbyn IMC08 technology is equipped with bank grade Counterfeit Detection and can also support counting up to 120 currencies, most currencies can be included. However, even if your banknote counter cannot automatically detect the country of the banknotes, Some bill counters have a value counting function that allows you to preset a value so that you can sort between different forms of currency. Mostly face your needs.


Inventory of mixed denominations

This is an important function and can be said to be one of the most essential factors to consider. No matter what industry you are in, you will receive banknotes of different denominations. The emergence of this feature saves you a lot of trouble. You don’t need to identify various denominations through the first step and calculate them again after classification, then add them up to get the total. Bill counter mixed denomination will automatically recognize the number of currencies of different denominations and automatically calculate the total amount. Time is money. When your business is booming, choosing an upgraded assistant will leave you more energy in your business.


From a comprehensive consideration, if you are operating a small business or a retailed store, then choose a small bill counter mixed denomination with Bank Grade counterfeiting technology. Our MUNBYN IMC01 bill counter considers this part of the users at the beginning of the design, as the basic functions are complete( counterfeiting technology and  mixed denomination counter) with the suitable volume for small businesses, so it can be placed in a small office like your cashier counter. If you are running a large enterprise and you need accurate banknote recognition, the counting speed can be adjusted, and the Mixed Denomination Bill Counter that supports most currencies, our IMC08 cash counter is an option you can consider. In addition, these two machines are equipped with dual CIS technology, which works very stably. I believe they can be a good assistant for your enterprise.

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