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5 Post-Purchase service leads natural marketing

5 Post-Purchase service leads natural marketing

People often attribute the success of an online business to increased sales. However, the customer's shopping experience will not end once they receive the goods after completing the purchase. The discovery of new customers requires racking our brains to explore new channels for customer-friendly marketing leads to form transformation, which is a long-term strategy.

Old customers are your treasure, and when we are developing new customers, can we consider improving the Post-Purchase service of old customers? With the increase of repeat customers, your user loyalty and marketing power will more likely be formed quicker. How to retain customers to improve user stickiness by developing the Post-Purchase service, and even to achieve natural marketing by making use of users? For this problem, here are some simple ideas, which may be helpful to your marketing work.


The effect of after-sale service involves how to contact customers. This is a question you would think. If you can build your own sales-kingdom, then how to set up a section in this field to attract your customers willing to provide contact with you? You will find it easily in google that many websites pop up windows once you click to enter, so as to confirm the permission to notify you of website information.

In many cases, we will ignore it from the user’s perspective. However, pop-ups can be the inspiration for our sales website. How to avoid Ignoring the pop-ups? Maybe the best stimulus is discount information pops up once the web page is opened, Email registration to get the special discount, then it becomes the first step for you to achieve customer management. Next, the plug-in will provide the solution to integrate the user information registered by these mailboxes, such as Mailchimp. Whenever the moment the customer completes the purchase, your strategy begins.


Send after-sales greeting message

This is a simple step, but it is an essential first step for your store. Consider greeting customers in the name of a brand, indicating that you are willing to solve any problems during using process. If possible, apply for a specific after-sales service mailbox and send attached to your mail. This can not only reduce the probability of returns but also show that you're concerned about the user's mood and experience.

If you'd like to process this, just try to integrate the newsletter into your Post-Purchase email campaign.


Of course, no one likes spam, choose the appropriate sending frequency, and assume how to provide industry information that is meaningful to your customers, also is conducive to the spread of your brand, so as to activate your newsletter user. More, rich content is one of the ways to keep them, further creating repeat customers for your shop.


Increasing user loyalty--newsletter

Repeat customers appearing is not only recognizing your product, more repeat customers rely on service for their maintenance. When the first time people choose your product, the meticulous service can they get, which is the basis for the next purchase. So how do we artificially incentivize user retention?



Membership marketing

The official website of MUNBYN has chosen the brand membership system. Research shows that a reliable service assists membership system can increase the user retention rate by about 10%. The logic of user retention is buy-approve the store-follow-visit again-browse and repurchase. people register as members after gradually recognizing your store, next to receive discount information, and form to browse again, increasing the possibility of purchase. Consider setting up a point mechanism after every sale, points to redeem small gifts. Finally, you can calculate your effectiveness by repeat purchase rate.


Timed Offer

Special days, birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays, recommending holiday offers can be the reason for your users to contact you again.


Post sales logistics planning

If you have gone through a series of user condolences, but your item still does not satisfy your users, a nice return experience can also save you communication time and bring a reliable impression for your users. The optimized return process can be clearly summarized on your website to reduce communication friction, additionally requires a combination of costs, the formulation of return labels, and tracking policies. About 80% of users will feel trouble at the beginning of this matter, and through simplifying this process of return service, so that increase the user's favorability of your brand, this is an opportunity.


So far, Munbyn has been committed to exploring more user retention ideas. If you are willing to explore more, try subscribing to our newsletter. We can't wait to explore and share more inspration with you.



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