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5 Ways To Use Your Label Maker

Label marker is an essential item for life. Whether you're digging that a few unexpected ways to use your label maker, here are some cool ways you can use it. 

For Journal Lover

Adding decoration, photos, and ephemera in your bullet journal or travelers notebook is a great way to document the wonderful time. You could try to recreate the spread using decorative elements only from the printer as well. With a BlueTooth label maker, you can print out text, photos, festival elements stickers and washi tape-like strips. So you can add them straight to your journal pages. 

Journal label maker


For Crafty Lover

Do you ever look at some labels to help you organize your crafting tools and supplies? You may have a pegboard, and you have to print some labels to help you mark your items. This helps you avoid confusion and help you get creative. You'll find more creativity in a calmer space. You can express yourself with label maker tape. For example, create some texts label for DIY cards, like Transfer Artist Paper, Artist Trading Card.

For Collection Lover

Getting your collection organized, then you won't lose track of them among the many boxes. Here are some ways to keep your growing collection organized. Like making a catalog, feeding the monster boxes, making a labeled divider for the set. And using a Bluetooth label maker will be an ideal way that helps you sort your collection. 

For example, if you have a hobby of collecting sports cards, then you may need a label maker to line up neatly in boxes. Written on monster boxes with scribbles is a normal state. However, it's less than ideal, particularly if you're constantly changing your collection, Besides, these scribbles aren't legible anymore. 

A Bluetooth label maker will help you out. You can change gears for labeling the outsides of your boxes. It will save you so much time when you pick out exactly the one you require. You can just write a new label and place it on the top of the old one if you are going to change the makeup of the box.

For Cosmetic Lover

All the cosmetic products and skincare products have a shelf life, you can print some labels to keep track of the expiration date or shelf life. 

As time goes by, some active ingredients or other ingredients that can degrade and will lose their potential to benefit your skin or work how they were supposed to properly intended by the manufacturer.

If you use an expired skincare product you have the potential to get skin irritation from its breakouts allergies anything like that same goes with makeup if you've ever used an expired foundation or anything.

A Bluetooth label maker will help you out. You can type in whatever text you want, including the date you unseal your cosmetic products or skincare products, and just print it out.

For Organize Lover

Labeling points easily where things can be found. It will save your brain energy by eliminating the need to search for where things are. A label maker helps avoid confusion. You will be eager to get yourself a labeler once you realize how useful it is and energy labeling can save.

You can label zones in your refrigerator. Not only will it keep it neat, but you can save money by not buying duplicate items,

The label maker is a great reference if you store your spices in plastic or glass containers and label your home canning jars. You can print a label with the name of food or items


labels for items

Munbyn Piggy Label Maker

portable Bluetooth piggy label maker
  • Widely use. Munbyn piggy label maker is Bluetooth compatible with mobile phone/pad, comes with an app with more than 400 symbols and clip-art images. They are great for happy planning, journaling, memory keeping, organizing, storing, and more endless tasks daily. 
  • Super light. It's the lightest device in the market. This cute labeler is portable and very easy to carry around with 160g. 
  • Easy to use. This maker can automatically sense the size of label size, so you don't need to measure or guess the size. Besides, it doesn't require unnecessary permissions or accounts.
  • Create custom labels. The mini label printer comes equipped with a broad range of label customization options, including sixteen font sizes, ten text styles, four boxes, and a built-in library of over 400 symbols and clip-art images.
  • Use no ink. Munbyn portable label maker is a mini thermal label printer. All the refill papers are made of special material, covering with some chemical dye. 

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Patricia Burlingame Fensler

Can I use this to make wine labels from roll stickers ?

Can I use this to make wine labels from roll stickers ?

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