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How to build a shipping station for a small business--there is a way from today

How to build a shipping station for a small business--there is a way from today

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  When you start to develop an online business on Etsy, the problem you start to face is not as simple as a business process. You need to consider logistics and transportation, packaging engineering, and customer management, etc. Among them, packaging and transportation are  important parts of starting a small online business. Maybe this is a problem easily be ignored by people who are new to work, and it will make people feel overwhelmed. Where should I start my work? The order has been fulfilled but I am not yet ready to meet it? This article will give you some effect on building your shipping station.


  Creating a small studio firstly, well, maybe you work from home, but the basic office area is a must-have. Whether you are at home or in a small office area, to develop a small online business, the existence of own shipping station, for you can't give everything to the post office, at least the packaging can't. And these trivial things can be done independently by yourself with only one shipping station, saving time and money. So next to come up is how to buy equipment for this?

Basic equipment

I think what you need first is a comfortable table. The height of the tabletop should be appropriate. It is better to be a little lower at your waist. You can grab the items smoothly when sorting the packaging without over-stretching your arms and causing fatigue. Also, consider adding shelves or small compartments under the surface of your table to store your boxes. 

Using a pinboard or pegboard, you need such a board to hang your tools so that you can pick and place your tools at any time without causing a mess on the desktop. The top plate can be purchased a bit larger, which can give you enough hanging space.

Use a paper roll dispenser, which allows your outer wrapping paper or bubble paper to stay in place, and it is very convenient when you take it and saves your space.

 Using a small hanging basket, what can this place be? For example, the ribbon or twine you need for packaging, the small label paper roll you need to print, and the small parts. Believe me, these small things are really hard to find. It is necessary to be able to arrange them.

wrapping a package with the help of MUNBYN thermal printer


Hardware setup

First of all, what you need most is a thermal label printer. If you are still hesitating, then you can convince yourself not to be so troublesome. Look at the bulk of inkjet printers to print labels, please stop using it! Calculate and see how much ink this little thermal label printer can save you. This is a big step to facilitate your transportation. If you are a female entrepreneur or a mother working at home, I guarantee you will love On our pink printer, unlike other printers, Munbyn is light and beautiful. It not only has multiple colors but also has the printing strength of other brands: the printing speed of 150mm/s is matched with the printing of 203DPI. Pixels can meet most printing needs. In addition, beautiful pink can really make your small office area active.

Secondly, I think what you need is the provided label paper, and this MUNBYN can also satisfy you. Not only that, but we also have many choices of label paper, if you really love pink! Please follow through to the end, because we also have pink thermal labels!


If you still want to prepare a little surprise for your packaging, then you can prepare some packaging stickers or gift stickers, and you can find the answer from our small label paper, colorful and multi-shaped optional label paper, there is always the one you like. That's right, you don't have to worry about how to print. The pink printer can even print stickers for you. You only need to prepare the pattern and connect it to print out your exclusive stickers.


In addition, the digital shipping postal scale is necessary equipment! Accurately weighing out your package can save you a certain amount of expenses and facilitate your transportation. And this we have also prepared a variety of options for you, you can have black plus pink options! This can complement your pink printer and decorate your transportation system.

MUNBYN pink thermal label printer

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