How to find a suitable thermal printer for new business?

Did you feel headache when you comparing various printers in the market and do not know which one to take?

Here are some useful suggestions for you:

1.If you need a thermal printer for retail shop or clothing store, you should select 80MM thermal printer with USB port.

80MM thermal printer
The reasons are as below:

  • 80MM thermal printer has high printing speed of 230mm/sec.,much faster than 58MM printer, whose speed is 90mm/sec only.
  • 80MM thermal printer has auto cutter, high efficient to print receipts.
  • 80MM thermal printer can store more paper than 58MM printer,so cashier don't need to change new paper roll oftenly.
  • Easy installment and setup. Only need to insert USB cable to your PC and install driver within 3 minutes.
  • The price of USB printer is cheaper than LAN printer,which is more suitable for long distance printing.LAN printer is not suitable for cashier receipt printing.
  • Hot selling model of 80MM printer with USB port on Amazon:

    2.If you are looking for thermal printer for restaurant or coffee shop, you should select both receipt printer and kitchen printer.

    receipt printer and kitchen printer
    #For the receipt printer, you can still select 80MM thermal printer with USB port(Economic and easy setup).
    #For the kitchen printer,you are better to choose one professional kitchen printer as link below.
    ITPP067 Top rated kitchen printer on Amazon:
    The advantages of ITPP067 as below:

  • Sound and light indicator for order reminder, so cook will not miss order again even in noisy environment.
  • Protective cover to proof water, oil, dust in kitchen.
  • Along with LAN/Ethernet port, you can connect it with your POS computer by LAN cable, and share same kitchen printer by multiple POS terminals.
  • Auto cutter, so you’re not yanking the roll out every time you try tearing it.
  • 3.If you need a thermal printer for supermarket and shopping mall,I suggest you take 80MM thermal printer with USB+Serial+LAN three ports.

    80MM thermal printer with USB+Serial+LAN three ports

    Because the 80MM printer with three ports has fastest printing speed 300mm/sec.,which will help to reduce customers' pain for long queues to check out.
    Here is one of best selling models on Amazon:

    4.If you need a printer for warehouse or shipping label printing, welcome to select 4 inch shipping label printer, which can print warehouse barcode,as well as shipping label of DHL, UPS, USPS, FEDEX etc.

    4 inch shipping label printer

    Besides, it support windows, Linux, Mac systems with FREE software to edit barcode Code 93, Code 128,UPC, etc.
    Amazon link:

    5.All printers recommended above are wired printer. If you need a wireless thermal printer for outdoor usage or you wanna connect the printer with mobile devices , please refer to the below models.

    Bluetooth printer for android system to print receipts(Mobile):
    Bluetooth printer for android system to print receipts(Desktop and Auto cutter):
    Bluetooth printer for android system to print lables:
    Bluetooth printer for android and iOS to print pictures:
    80MM WIFI thermal printer to print receipts:

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