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List of Photo Printer Brand

List of Photo Printer Brand

1. Canon

Canon-branded photo printer with gold, red, black, white body, very stylish and beautiful appearance, with a new six-color stand-alone ink cartridge to enhance the effect of printing photos, expanded red printing area, black and white printing is also more sharp, while being able to truly reproduce the EOS capture of the wonderful, Ideal for SLR enthusiasts. Unique user-friendly intelligent mute mode for effective noise reduction, wireless printing can be connected via state-owned WIFI and AP, mobile devices can be printed through the client, and equipped with NFC modules. It also has a rich print method.

2. Fujitsu

Fujitsu is a Japanese company specializing in semiconductors, computers, communication devices, and services, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Fujitsu founded Fuji Communications In 1935 and developed Japan's first computer in 1954, and now has a partnership with Siemens as a joint venture, becoming the largest IT in Europe. suppliers, which account for a large share of the European market.

3. HP

HP-branded photo printers combine to print, copy, scan, and wireless, with a superior design and eye-catching look. The ability to print up to A4-sided photos makes your photos more personal, you can connect your phone and tablet to the wireless network for printing, you can print stickers, transparent stickers, T-shirt transfer paper, and other special materials, no margin full-face photo printing, The quality of the printed photos will also be better.


Munbyn's photo printer supports Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and can print out your printed picture at any time without the need for a wire. Munbyn Photo Printer can track your life and work anytime, anywhere, quickly print, learn efficiently, and share those unique moments of joy with this high-value bear printer.

Which photo printer is good? Different types of photo printers have different functions, and the price of printed photos can be different. Photo printer brand leaderboard as above, in the purchase of photo printer shopping, can see which brand in the market is more well-known, try to choose a well-known brand to buy is not easy to lose.

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