Munbyn, More Choice For Your Growing Business

Munbyn, More Choice For Your Growing Business

  Maybe you have heard of Munbyn inadvertently, heard of a special pink printer and this is a young brand. Yes, it was founded in 2017. Munbyn is 6 years old this year. As she started to grow up, she also began to gradually understand the mission on her shoulders. Do you want to understand? Now let us walk into her story.

Focus on Every Powerful Moment

  This is also a belief of her creation. We have been exploring how to lead her to find her own direction slowly. At the beginning of Munbyn, we wanted her to become a world-class POS solution provider, so we created her body limbs: label printers, receipt printers, PDAs, and Money counters.

  Today let us understand one of her important components: Thermal label printers.

  Conforming to the beginning, you may have heard of the pink label machine, but why did we think of making the printer pink?

  In the beginning, we also made black and white printers and used advanced thermal printing technology to replace ink cartridges, because Munbyn has always implemented the concept: speed, stability, and energy-saving, so as to provide a better environment for the office.

  In 2020, The unemployment rate was caused by the COVID-19, so people working from home and looking for other ways to make money have soared. And what I have to say is how considerable the increase in e-commerce is. More and more people are involved in-home business, and more and more small and medium-sized entrepreneurial e-commerce sellers have emerged. Statistics released by Fundera on December 16, 2020 show that 50% of American companies are family businesses. And women are more likely to engage in the family business than men. Nearly three-quarters of existing family businesses are run by women. At this time, Munbyn began to realize that her growth should greatly adapt to the needs of the times and listen to women's voices.

  So the pink printer went online, and the moment she went online, she received a huge voice of love from girls from all over the world. The printer does not need to be a dull color like black and white. While it satisfactorily fulfills the mission of a thermal printer, it also has a vibrant appearance! Who said that good-looking things are not easy to use! Exactly its good-looking makes more people discover its usefulness.

  Munbyn became the first brand to try a pink label printer, followed by black and white, gray, and fresh green. Not only can it bring convenience to your home office, but it can also sweep away the boredom on the desk and bring a new and energetic mood. This may be the first node where we explored Munbyn growth, and from this, we created the idea of giving printer-related products more choices.

MUNBYN thermal label printer in different colors


  So we also created the pink option on the shipping label paper, followed by the thermal stickers that can be used on the packaging, we have pink, blue, and yellow. And there are round and rectangle options, the bear label machine has white and brown options, the small label paper has pre-cut and non-cut, and various colors and colors are launched. Even the postal scale said that we have also made it. Leather pink! You can use a pink printer to print pink labels, use a pink postal scale to measure the weight of your package, print a pink sticker on the package, and use a bear label machine to print any labels you want to customize your small office space.

print labels for various items


Day by day, our Munbyn has a general shape and thought. Her mission is to serve the enterprise to develop small businesses, give more special options, create a small enterprise with its unique characteristics, and inject the vitality of entrepreneurial self-customization.

I hope next time you see Munbyn, you can remember her name and mission: More Choice For Your Growing Business.

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