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Here are some principle for barcode scanner. product barcode, 2d scanner,barcode inventory.Clik in and know the categories of barcode scanner and what industries apply barcode scanner most.


As a high-tech product of optical, mechanical, electronic, software application spree technology, scanning gun is the third generation of computer input equipment after keyboard and mouse. Since its inception in the 1980s, the scanner has been rapidly developed and widely used, from the most direct pictures, photos, film to all kinds of drawings and documents can be entered into the computer with a scanner, and thus to the processing, management, Use, store, or output.

Key Industries


The International Transport Association has stipulated that in the transport of goods, the packaging of goods must be marked with a bar code symbol for the automatic statistical management of the goods shipped. In addition, the automatic ticketing and ticket checking system for passenger tickets on railways and highways. The automation of road ticketing stations, the role of barcodes in the logistics information system of freight warehouses and cargo shuttles has been adopted by logistics information systems as a timely, accurate, reliable and economical data input ways. 

It has been widely used in industrialized countries and has become a universal "identity card" unique to commodities. Barcode technology has been widely used in countries such as Europe, America, Japan, etc., and is being automated management all over the world. Barcode technology is needed to collect data in real time. 

Post and Telecommunications

Mail sorting, boarding is very heavy work, occupying the vast majority of the workload of postal and telecommunications workers. Put on the mail or print on the bar code symbol, you can use the bar code reading equipment to enter the corresponding information, the implementation of sorting, the automatic management of the order. For example, if a 6-digit postal code is replaced with a bar code symbol, the computer-implemented letter and each post office can be attached with the corresponding bar code label as their code. If the bar code reading device reads the information, the computer can be used. Realize automatic ordering of registered mail. 


The logistics industry is a very important application aspect of bar code technology. Barcode management can be fully realized in terms of material storage, sorting, delivery, inventory and transportation. In terms of general merchandise circulation sales, in addition to the automated management of export commodity barcodes, the military should start to develop a special cash register and shopping mall integrated management system suitable for China's situation, and gradually promote it through high-level shopping mall trials.

The POS system consists of several subsystems. The cash register (also called the cash register) is a combination of a personal computer and a decoder. It can automatically recognize bar symbols, process data, and print out shopping lists. The content includes the product name, price, quantity, total amount and date, etc., and the customer can use it as a shopping receipt. The computers in the system are used to comprehensively process the data. For this purpose, the database and application software should be established in advance. This is conducive to comprehensive analysis of commodity sales based on the daily reporting situation of each terminal, timely providing market dynamics, and determining the order plan based on this to ensure the normal operation of business activities. Thanks to the use of bar code technology, it is convenient and fast, and the information is accurate.

Clothing industry

The popularity of bar code, shoes and other fashion industry has bid farewell to manual ordering will be the way, the use of hand-scanned gun sales wireless order will be widely popular, customers holding a scanning gun by scanning the item bar code, you can read out the color of the item, model number, size, can be ordered through the scanning gun on-site, and data through WIFI to the rear server, greatly providing the efficiency of the order ingress.


Hand-held scanner

The handheld scanner is a technology introduced in 1987 that looks like a barcode scanner used by a supermarket payee in his hands. The vast majority of handheld scanners use CIS technology with an optical resolution of 200dpi, available in black and white, grayscale, and color, with color types typically 18-bit color. There are also individual high-end products using CCD as a photosensitive device, can achieve bit true color, scanning effect is better.

Roller scanner

This is the intermediate product of a handheld scan gun and a platform scanner. The vast majority of these products are CIS,300dpi in optical resolution, with color and grayscale, and color models are typically 24-bit color. There are also a few small roller scanning guns using CCD technology, scanning results significantly better than CIS technology products, but due to structural limitations, the volume is generally significantly larger than CIS technology products. The small drum-type design is to fix the lens of the scanning gun, and moving the object to be scanned through the lens to scan, operating like a printer, the object to be scanned must pass through the machine and send out, therefore, the scanned object can not be too thick. The biggest benefit of this scanner is that it is small in size, but because of the many limitations of use, such as scanning only thin paper, the range cannot exceed the size of the scanning gun.

Flat Pos Terminal

Also known as flat-panel scanning guns, desktop scanning guns, most of the current scanning guns on the market belong to flat-screen scanning guns, is now the mainstream. These scanners have optical resolutions between 300dpi-8000dpi, color bits from 24 to 48 bits, and scan scans typically have A4 or A3. The advantage of flat-panel is that, like using a copier, just open the top cover of the scanner, whether it's books, newspapers, magazines, photo negatives can be put up for scanning, quite convenient, and the scan effect is the best of all common types of scanning guns.

There are so many different kinds of barcode scanner. The difference between the type of scanning gun and its use makes the price of the scanning gun also have a big difference, hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars of scanning gun also because of the appearance and the environment in which it is used. Choosing the right scanner makes the workflow easier and easier.


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