What is the Best Printer For Online business seller--Thermal Technology

What is the Best Printer For Online business seller--Thermal Technology

  Are you a seller who flooded into the e-commerce industry during COVID-19? Under the premise of rising unemployment, e-commerce has become a more popular entrepreneurial channel. To start a new challenge you have to consider many details: Where do you start a business? What e-commerce information do you need to know? Investment plan in the early stage? The demand for print working documents is one of those seemingly trivial things, it plays a great role in successfully sending the packages to complete the order. Not only for printing tracking barcodes for your small warehouse but printing shipping labels, orders, and invoices, etc., making relevant documents. According to this guide, you will know what's the best printer for your online business.


  We first came into deal with traditional inkjet printers. The scene to use this printer is reflected in your contract or order invoice. If your start-up business is B2B, you will have more paper documents demand, which is most likely the using reason. However according to the development needs of e-commerce, many entrepreneurs will start a small online business, and their expectations for printers have become more diversified. In order to adapt to these changes, many suppliers have introduced more models of printers, laser printers, Thermal printers, and thermal transfer printers. The working principle of the laser printer is different from the other two printers, and the thermal printer and the thermal transfer printer both use thermal technology. Which one should I choose? The first thing you to process is to understand their performance.


Laser printing vs thermal printing technology

  Laser printing technology uses a series of rollers and path changes, in which heat injects an image onto the paper, while thermal technology directly heats a specific area to form an image. On the basis of the change of the printing path, the problem you may face is that you have to change the direction of label placement or bend the label to adapt to the path change, so it will bring you a greater risk of printing jams, and the machine maintenance caused by jams is another cost. On the contrary, thermal technology adapts to more scenarios, creating a more efficient and convenient office way, because thermal technology usually only has a simple path, a shorter and more direct printing path not only reduces the risk of paper jams but also speed up printing and increase throughput, so as to create more benefits for your small business than laser printing, trust me, why not avoid the trouble caused by laser printing?


 Direct thermal printing VS Thermal transfer printing

  Since the printing technology of these two items is the same, there is no big difference in printing speed, but some differences in structure and performance. Direct thermal directly touches the medium through the print head during work and heats it to produce an image, while The thermal transfer needs to go through a buffer medium--the ribbon. Then the printhead heats the ribbon roll to melt to form an image on your printing paper.


  First, in terms of service life, why does thermal transfer printing need a medium? The ribbon tends to print clearer and glossy labels for the medium reduces frictional contact, so printhead reduces wear and your machine will be more durable. But at the same time, the cost you have to invest is higher. The increased service cost includes the downtime of replacing the thermal ribbon and the cost of purchasing the ribbon. Even the most experienced operators will take at least a few minutes to replace the ribbon. Using a standard 450-meter ribbon length, assuming that the 225-meter ribbon runs for one hour of printing work, it takes a few minutes to replace the ribbon at least two hours apart.


  Secondly, in terms of label quality, thermal transfer technology prints better labels, and can still maintain label readability in harsh environments. If your business determines that the goods you ship will experience a long period of sunlight in the supply chain, and for the integrity of label information, such as medicines or other dangerous materials, thermal transfer labels may be your best choice. For an online business, your label only needs a few days of shipping, and direct thermal labels are completely sufficient.


  Finally, starting from the cost analysis, the initial purchase cost of the thermal transfer label is much higher than that of the thermal label machine, because the internal consumables, ribbon, and ribbon hardware components determine his work program to be more advanced, and at the same time to definitely meet the high quality for printing, the ribbon must be compatible with the media substrate, otherwise, it may cause problems inside the printer. On the contrary, the thermal label printer has almost no complicated hardware and does not include any hardware required to drive and control the ribbon, so the purchase cost is much lower than that of a thermal transfer printer. Only the print head is the most important force, there is no need to replace the ribbon, so there is no downtime. After installing the driver and directly inserting the label paper, you can print the documents you want, such as warehouse barcodes, shipping labels, and invoices. Direct thermal printing Can save more time and money costs.


  In short, compared with laser printers, thermal technology is your more efficient choice. Assuming that your business has high requirements for label quality and longevity, and long-term operation in the logistics station, combined with your cost budget is sufficient, the thermal transfer label opportunity is your choice, and this printer can maintain work in a more difficult environment . Assuming that your budget is limited, and it only takes a few days to deliver the order and complete the package transportation, then a high-efficiency, low-cost and simple thermal label printer is fully qualified for your package assistant. What's more, in today's environmental considerations, thermal technology does not require the use of thermal ribbons, thus eliminating waste due to use so that Reduce carbon footprint. Click to view the package shipping solution brought by MUNBYN thermal printers for online business seller.

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