9 types of eco-friendly packaging for small business.

Sustainable Packaging: 9 Types of Eco-friendly Packaging for Your Business

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There is a tendency in the modern world to show interest in the use of sustainable packaging for many purposes. Not only is it something that companies are starting to see as relevant, but it has also become something consumers demand.

Understanding the reasons why this type of packaging has become so important is very relevant, but it is also ideal to understand what kind of options are available.

In this article, you'll be reading about exploring sustainable packaging and how it can be a great idea to switch to this kind of material for your business.


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What is sustainable packaging?

Any kind of packaging that is made out of materials that are reusable and increased life cycle inventory or that breaks down into organic compost is considered sustainable. This is one of the main reasons why it has become such a popular choice for environmentally conscious people.

The overall appeal of this kind of packaging comes from the environmental impact of the materials once they are discarded. There are many different types of sustainable packaging materials and we will briefly go over each of them in this post.


Why should you be using sustainable packaging?

There is a sizable group of environmentally conscious consumers out there. Increasing societal awareness of the damages that our planet is suffering has resulted in a higher level of awareness of environmental issues.

You also have the fact that sustainable packaging is usually going to have a much lower cost.

The reduction of carbon footprint also plays a major role here as it allows us to lower the number of greenhouse gases. This is very important as it causes a substantial level of environmental impact when you see it happening on a large scale.

The recyclable appeal of some types of sustainable packaging is also an important consideration and helps you enhance your products' overall brand value. It is important to remember that the modern consumer's view of sustainability is quite serious.


Use sustainable packaging for your products.



The different types of sustainable packaging

There is a wide range of options when it comes to sustainable packaging. Some are more convenient than others, but one thing they all have in common is that they are great for the environment.

  • Recycled packaging

When you use this type of packaging, it means it has been made out of materials that have been recycled from prior products or packaging. This is one of the most common and practical sustainable packaging options available.


  • Compostable packaging

Any type of material that can decompose on the ground within no more than 180 days is considered compostable packaging. These types of packaging are usually made from plants such as sugar cane or bamboo.


  • Glassine packaging

This is a transparent type of paper packaging that is very glossy and it can be an excellent packaging option. The material comes from wood pulp and this makes it a biodegradable choice.


  • Cellulose packaging

Wood and cotton are the most common natural sources used for the creation of cellulose packaging. It is an excellent and very resistant alternative to plastic packaging. The popularity of this type of material is rising in eCommerce.


  • Corrugated packaging

This packaging is becoming very popular in all kinds of online merchant shipping and it is made out of cardboard. These can be reused many times and the recyclable appeal of this type of packaging is huge.


  • Cornstarch packaging

No harmful toxins are found in the creation of packaging that makes use of cornstarch. It is a highly biodegradable and sustainable option that many people find extremely useful. You will find that this is being used quite often in certain industries like skincare and wellness.


  • Kraft paper packaging

The manufacturing of kraft paper is ideal for sustainability as it is made from wood pulp and it uses several types of wood for this purpose. The material has become quite popular for the creation of boxes for all kinds of products.


  • Mushroom packaging

There is a fungus found in mushrooms that are caked mycelium and this type of packaging is made from that fungus. The resulting material is a very sturdy and reliable packaging option that will keep products safe.


  • Green cell foam

This bio-based material is an ideal way to replace the use of regular foam to give your packaging some extra cushioning and protection. It is perfect for that purpose and it is very easy to dissolve and compost.


Branding your packaging is an excellent way to ensure that you can get optimal exposure for your business and this will allow you to engage your audience with a more efficient approach. Thermal Sticker labels are widely considered as environmentally-friendly supplies that are used with packaging. This is going to allow you to give your business a huge boost and that is the most relevant aspect of a business that looks to achieve long-term engagement.

Always remember that consistency is key in all aspects of your business. In this case, you have to be very careful not to switch to any non-environmentally friendly packaging at any time. You are also going to benefit greatly from the fact that you will contribute to helping save the planet by preserving the environment.



Stick a sustainable sticker on a package.


Final thoughts on sustainable packaging

Being able to approach your business with an environmentally friendly strategy is always a good idea. This is going to make it easier for you to appeal to a more conscious audience that is constantly growing.

Now that you have a better idea of the types of sustainable packaging available, you can decide which ones are better suited for your business.


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