10 Ways to Label Containers for Your Small Business

10 Ways to Label Containers for Your Small Business

One thing more crucial than gaining new customers is to connect with them and keep them.

There are numerous ways to connect with your customers; one of the simplest is to use sticker labels.

This article will provide you with in-depth information on thermal label stickers.


What is a thermal sticker label?

The thermal label is coated with a heat-reactive layer, which then turns black when it comes into contact with heat from the print head of a thermal label printer. With that said, printing does not require the use of ink or toner. For a variety of reasons, it has turned into a necessity for an increasing number of small business sellers.



Why should you go for thermal sticker labels?


l Easy to design and print

One important factor for eCommerce retailers is time efficiency. Simply create a text or image on Canva, print it on the sticker label, and that's all there is to it.


l Customers love the personal touch

Unlike in-store sales, eCommerce sellers do not have the opportunity to develop genuine relationships with their customers. A personal touch is achieved in this case through words such as thank you notes, gratitude words, a warm quote, and so on. Consider the following scenario: you ordered some stickers and can't wait to receive the package. The first thing you notice when you open the package is a thank you sticker label with a warm message. You would have an instant connection with the seller and regard this person as a friend in your life.


l Fair pricing

We know how important it is for you to save costs. Throwing out a lot of costs may not result in a fair amount of revenue. Therefore, you want to invest your money wisely. Thermal label stickers are unquestionably the ideal packing material.


l Eco-friendly

As previously discussed, thermal label stickers don't require ink or toner to produce a black image or text when they come into contact with a thermal print head. Additionally, saving money on ink purchases lessens your carbon footprint. These kinds of stickers and labels would provide your customers an impression of your company as being environmentally friendly, which would enhance the credibility of your brand.


The Star Shape Thermal Sticker Labels are our latest release with versatile uses.These adaptable and reasonably priced labels may be used to quickly print and are compatible with MUNBYN thermal printers as well as a range of other printers. These thermal labels, which are a favorite of online retailers and couriers, will adhere trustworthily to a range of packaging surfaces, including cardboard boxes, and packages, to keep your brand image stand out.


print thermal sticker labels with MUNBYN sticker label printer


Exploring creative ways to label containers

When it comes to organizing our belongings or packaging products, labeling containers is an essential practice. However, labels don't have to be boring or mundane. In fact, there are numerous creative ways to make your containers stand out and add a touch of personality to your storage or packaging.



Jars are versatile containers commonly used for storing spices, condiments, homemade jams, and other kitchen essentials. To label jars effectively, round labels or rectangle labels work best. Round labels can be affixed on the lid or on the side of the jar, providing a clear view of the contents. Rectangle labels can be placed vertically or horizontally on the side of the jar, allowing ample space for detailed information.For a modern and sleek look, consider using gold transparent labels on jars. Clear labels provide a seamless and transparent appearance, allowing the contents of the jar to shine through while still providing essential information.


Placement ideas:

  • For round labels, place them on the lid's top surface or centered on the jar's side.
  • Rectangle labels can be positioned vertically along the side of the jar or horizontally wrapping around the jar's body.
  • Adhere clear labels on the front of the jars, ensuring they don't obstruct the contents while providing visibility.



Poly mailers

Polymailers are popular for shipping and mailing purposes, particularly for clothing and lightweight items. These plastic bags require sturdy labels that can withstand handling and potential exposure to water. Rectangle labels are an excellent choice for polymailers, as their elongated shape provides ample space for including necessary information such as shipping addresses and return labels. While rectangle labels are commonly used for polymailers, round labels can also be a suitable option. Round labels can be placed to seam the opening of the polymailers, ensuring the labels are securely attached and prominently visible.




Placement ideas:

  • Stick the rectangle labels on the front of the polymailers, preferably in the bottom right corner.
  • Alternatively, place the labels in a diagonal direction across the top-left to bottom-right corner for a unique and eye-catching appearance.
  • Seam the opening of the polymailers with round labels, making sure they are placed evenly to maintain a clean appearance.




Boxes are commonly used for packaging and storage in various industries, ranging from electronics to cosmetics. To label boxes effectively, rectangular labels are a practical choice due to their straightforward shape and generous label space. Opt for white or clear labels for versatility, or select contrasting colors to make your labels stand out.


Placement Ideas:

  • Position the rectangular labels on the top of the box, ensuring they are easily visible when stacked.
  • Consider placing labels on the sides of the box as well, especially if the contents might be stacked or stored horizontally.




Bags come in various forms, including paper bags, reusable shopping bags, and gift bags. These containers often serve aesthetic and functional purposes, requiring labels that match their intended use. Square labels work well for bags due to their symmetrical shape and versatility. Consider using creative-shaped labels, such as floral or star-shape, to enhance the overall look of your bags.


Placement Ideas:

  • Affix square labels on the top flap or front of the bag, ensuring they don't interfere with the bag's opening.
  • For gift bags, place creative-shaped labels on the top flap or front of the gift bag to enhance the decorative effect.


Experiment with different label styles and find the ones that suit your personal taste and organizational needs. Get creative, and transform your containers into well-organized treasures!


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