4 factors you need to know that affect thermal printing--Munbyn ITPP941

4 factors you need to know that affect thermal printing--Munbyn ITPP941

When you own a small business, offline retail store, online business, or shipping department, then you should be no stranger to thermal printing technology. Thermal printing creates a more efficient and high-quality solution for package shipping and receipt printing, and the investment in the printer in the early stage will quickly pay back when the work efficiency is accelerated and more future benefits are obtained. However, any machine has a moment of failure, and the convenience brought by direct thermal can not be ignored by the printing problems it brings. Take MUNBYN thermal printer as an example to list several factors that affect thermal printing results. Knowing the cause can carry out better printer maintenance, so as to obtain more work results and benefits that the printer continues to create.


First of all, we get the principle of thermal printing, which is to directly heat the medium through the print head and generate a specific image. The label result will fade due to temperature changes. The main force of the printing work is the print head. If there is a problem with the print head, does it mean that it will affect the entire thermal printing work? Thermal printing is always unable to print the size you want, and the image presented on the paper is too large or too small. This is probably caused by a problem with the printer settings. In the same way, we can also conclude that the printing medium and the environment are also the main problems affecting printing according to the principle.


Thermal printhead

Different from the thermal transfer printing process, direct thermal printer can print on the required materials by heating the ribbon. Direct thermal printing can easily work by directly contacting the media without ribbons and ink cartridges. However, this leads to suffering more than double the abrasion of the thermal transfer print head, therefore, the service life is only about half of the life of the thermal transfer print head. The cost of replacing the print head will make you complain. Effectively reduce printer loss, starting from avoiding more dust and debris from accumulating in the printing gap.

Munbyn printers provided alcohol pads to clean. How to get there?

  • turn off your printer and allow it to cool down

  • use the provided alcohol pads or any 70% Isopropyl Alcohol pad to wipe the printer head

  • Allow 2-3 minutes for components to dry, then turn ITPP941 back on

the printhead of MUNBYN thermal label printer


Printer setup problem

Since the thermally printed image is adjustable, the image setting problem will also become the reason we cannot get a satisfactory label. Taking 4×6 shipping label printing as an example, when shipping label is not completely printed or too small or only part of it, eliminating the reason the shipping label is not 4×6. After obtaining the size information of the haven label, and then set the corresponding print area size, you will always benefit from this.

Quoting the operation of Munbyn thermal printer on windows: Go to the ‘printer preferences’ -> ‘advanced’ -> ‘paper size’, select the correct size for the printer(please select the 4x6 inch or 100*150mm). Generally speaking, you will adjust your printing device on the computer to achieve the purpose of adjusting the printing area.

printer setting of MUNBYN thermal label printer


Selection of print media

The choice of media can directly affect the life of your printed labels, thereby affecting the cost. At the same time, for the thermal head directly to contact the label, when the thermal printer is working, the surface of the label paper directly wears your thermal print head. In addition, good quality media promotes the clarity of printing. Different media require different temperatures for the print head to heat and generate images. Choosing a better medium can achieve higher efficiency and higher resolution printing results.


Printer working environment

The working environment not only affects the life of the print head but also affects the life of the generated labels. Long-term outdoor production is not suitable for direct thermal printers. If your business determines the working environment of the printer, this is a point you need to consider. The accumulation of dust and paper scraps greatly affects the printing speed and printing quality. What's more, because the principle of thermal printing technology determines that labels are more sensitive to large temperature changes, thermal labels will fade faster than conventional storage methods when exposed to high temperature and high-intensity light for a long time, although normal thermal labels can be maintained for about half a year.


Under benign maintenance and cleaning, thermal printing technology can fully meet your small business label printing needs and continue to work, thus reducing the cost of your equipment replacement. Munbyn is committed to facilitating your small business and creating higher levels for your work efficiency.

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