Tips to Celebrate Love Your Pet Day at Home

Tips to Celebrate Love Your Pet Day at Home

You love your pet, and your pet loves you. That's why it's important to celebrate your special bond on Love Your Pet Day on February 20. Whether you're throwing a party with friends and family or just playing some games at home, there are plenty of ways to include all the furry members of your household in this adorable holiday!


Dress your pet up and take a photo

If you have a pet, this is the perfect opportunity to dress up your furry friend and take a photo. You can also incorporate other pets into the picture for an even cuter shot! After taking your photos, share them online to show off how adorable they look to all of their social media followers.


Throw your own pet love day party

A pet love day party can be a great way to celebrate your pet! And it’s not just for dogs and cats—you can throw one for your rabbit, bird or lizard.

For this party you need:

  • A bunch of pet friends that are willing to attend the party

  • Some snacks (for humans and pets alike)

  • An indoor space where everyone feels comfortable


Make a DIY dog bowl

This is a great way to use up old mason jars you have laying around (you do have some, right?) and create an adorable personalized bowl for your pup! Plus, it's super easy to make! You'll need:

  • A clean mason jar with lid

  • Paint (you can use any color)

  • A paint brush or sponge brush

  • Grab a sticker label printer, and find the perfect font that matches your pet’s personality. Then all you have to do is print out their name on the sticker labels and stick it on their new bowl.


Make a doggy gift bag

To make a doggy gift bag, purchase a gift bag with a pet theme. You can include any small toy or treat. You can also add in a personalized sticker label with the pet's name and your own message. If you're feeling extra crafty, you could even make your own card with an image of the pet!


Make a personalized pet poster for the party

You can use photos from the past year of your pet and add paw print stickers, words and other decorations to reflect the theme.

The second step involves using party favors as gifts for guests. These should be something that's relevant to animals, such as animal-shaped cookies or dog toys with squeakers inside.


Bake some homemade pet treats

If you're feeling creative, try baking some homemade treats for your pet. It's best to use pet-safe ingredients and bake them in a non-toxic dish. Cooked foods can be stored at room temperature until they're completely cooled down before being stored in an airtight container or bag.


Have a pet costume contest

If you're looking for something fun, easy, and inexpensive to do with your pet, why not throw a costume contest?

You can do this as a group of friends or even just with your own pets. The rules are simple: each person/pet must wear a different costume, and all the costumes should be homemade from things you can find around the house. You can also have categories like "most creative." You might want to give prizes for the winners like free dog food or cat treats (depending on which animals are competing).


Play ‘Pet and owner look alike.'

Throw a pet love pet day at home by playing ‘Pet and owner look alike.' If you have friends with pets, ask them kindly to bring their pets along. Entice them with snacks and offer some of your favorite treats for the animals as well. You can also play a game where owners dress up like their pets or make funny pictures together where everyone is wearing costumes that resemble their dogs, cats etc.

You’re all set! You’ve got your plan in place, and you know what to do. It doesn’t take much to throw a fun pet love pet day. There are so many ways to make sure this day is successful for you and your furry friends. I hope this article has given you some helpful tips that will help make the day go smoothly for everyone involved!

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