The setting steps are as below 👇

  1. Please confirm if your printing width match your label size. For example, if we print 8x11 inches document on 4 x 6 inches label, we cannot get good printing.
  2. Please check the label quality. Better label for better printing.
  3. If you print on non-standard 4x6 labels, please use the ‘Acrobat Reader DC’ to crop the shipping label to print. Demo video:
  4. If the label is partially faded, the reason could be following:
  • Marginsand page size

Please ensure the content is taking up the whole label. If there are extra borders, your design may be "shrunk" printed in smaller size resulting in faded content.

  • Printdensity and speed

You can set your "Density" and "Speed" in ‘Printer Preferences’.

ITPP941 is set to fastest printing by default. Higher density may slower the printing speed.

Note: Increasing the number of Density will get darker print. But the high density may lead to unwanted dark lines or make the label getting too hot and sticking mid-way to the printer head.

For Windows:

You can set the Density from Control Panel -> Printers and Devices -> Right Click on ‘Munbyn ITPP941’ -> Printer Preferences -> Page Setup -> Setting

For Mac:

Firstly, please open the file you want to print.

1. Open File and click ‘Print’.


2. Choose ‘Printer Features

3. Adjust the density to 2 and the printing speed to 4.