Why my labels are not sharp/ dark?

¬†The setting steps are as below ūüĎá

  1. Please confirm if your printing width match your label size. For example, if we print 8x11 inches document on 4 x 6 inches label, we cannot get good printing.
  2. Please check the label quality. Better label for better printing.
  3. If¬†you¬†print¬†on¬†non-standard¬†4x6¬†labels,¬†please¬†use¬†the¬†‚ÄėAcrobat¬†Reader¬†DC‚Äô¬†to¬†crop¬†the shipping¬†label¬†to¬†print.¬†Demo¬†video:¬†
  4. If the label is partially faded, the reason could be following:
  • Marginsand¬†page¬†size

Please ensure the content is taking up the whole label. If there are extra borders, your design may be "shrunk" printed in smaller size resulting in faded content.

  • Printdensity¬†and¬†speed

You can set your "Density" and "Speed" in ‚ÄėPrinter Preferences‚Äô.

ITPP941 is set to fastest printing by default. Higher density may slower the printing speed.

Note: Increasing the number of Density will get darker print. But the high density may lead to unwanted dark lines or make the label getting too hot and sticking mid-way to the printer head.

For Windows:

You¬†can¬†set¬†the¬†Density¬†from¬†Control¬†Panel¬†->¬†Printers¬†and¬†Devices¬†->¬†Right¬†Click¬†on¬†‚ÄėMunbyn ITPP941‚Äô¬†->¬†Printer¬†Preferences¬†->¬†Page¬†Setup¬†->¬†Setting

For Mac:

Firstly, please open the file you want to print.

1. Open File and click ‚ÄėPrint‚Äô.


2. Choose ‚ÄėPrinter Features‚Äô

3. Adjust the density to 2 and the printing speed to 4.

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