MUNBYN metal tape dispenser gun is great for shipping departments, warehouses, moving companies, and any place where large amounts of boxes need to be sealed quickly and securely. >
MUNBYN handheld tape dispenser gun is designed to hold wider, 3-inch wide tape rolls.
The MUNBYN 3-inch packing tape dispenser gun has sharp blades, making it easy to cut the tape.
MUNBYN heavy duty tape dispenser gun with a pressure roller ensures smooth application of the tape onto surfaces.
MUNBYN 3-inch packing tape dispenser gun is designed to hold and dispense tape rolls that are 3 inches wide.
MUNBYN metal tape gun comes with an ergonomic handle for comfort during extended use.
Using a MUNBYN metal handheld tape dispenser gun makes sealing the carton fast.

Packing Tape Dispenser

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· Easy to Cut. Tape can be easily cut with sharp blade, making you a different cutting experience that you ever have.
· Tape won't Fall Off. Tape dispenser's roll core has snaps to keep tape from falling
· Comfortable Handling. Professional-quality hand-held packing tape dispenser with ergonomic handle
· Fits 3-inch inner paper core
· One Hand Use. With special Static cling strip designed will keep the tape in ready position each time after dispensing and it will make you only need one hand to seal the boxes.

MUNBYN heavy-duty shipping tape is a versatile solution for a variety of tape-related problems.