MUNBYN 18-inch wide stretch film wrap with 1000 feet >
MUNBYN 18-inch wide stretch film wrap with 1000 feet
MUNBYN stretch film wrap rolls are puncture-resistant and have high load-holding strength, and offers better cling.
MUNBYN stretch film wrap rolls can be applied manually using handles, ideal for small-scale operations.
MUNBYN stretch film wrap is ideal for palletizing goods for transport or storage.
The film offers excellent stretching capacity and cling, ensuring your items stay tightly wrapped and protected.
MUNBYN stretch film wrap boasts high tear and puncture resistance, allowing it to withstand tough handling and conditions.

MUNBYN Stretch Film Wrap Roll - 18 In. x 1000 Ft. (2-Pack)

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  • Heavy Duty Stretch Wrap: MUNBYN stretch film is made of 60 gauge thick industrial strength material using premium imported materials to guarantee its superior quality. The dimensions of the plastic film are 18 inches in width x 1000 feet in length.
  • Multiple Purpose Uses: Our stretch film is the best choice for moving, express logistics, material protection, household packing. Also ideal for various industrial and personal purposes. Choose MUNBYN Packing Wrap Plastic Roll,bring you high efficiency and convenience.
  • Up to 500% Stretch Ability: Our shrink wrap roll offers up to 500% stretch ability, which means that the more you stretch it, the more adhesive is activated. This makes it easy to wrap and seal items securely without the need for additional tape. It can conform to the shape of the item and provide a snug, secure fit. Easy to remove once your items have arrived at their destination.
  • Premium Quality: Our shrink wrap roll is clear, suitable for transparent colorless wrap—Facilitates the identification of boxes in the warehouse. It is designed to be puncture-resistant, waterproof, providing an extra layer of protection for your items during transit. Whether you need to ship items across the country or simply store them in a warehouse, this stretch wrap film is an excellent choice.
  • Rotary Handles Design: The package contains 2 rolls 18 inch stretch warp film and 2 rotary handles for hands protection and easy rolling. The rotatable plastic handles make the packaging process easier and more efficient by allowing the stretch film to rotate 360°on its own without turning your wrist.
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