10 Simple Ways to Make Your Home Office Desk Unique

10 Simple Ways to Make Your Home Office Desk Unique

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Your home office should be a space that inspires the flow of your creativity and encourages you to get things done. Unfortunately, most of the time, the home office can be the most neglected space in our homes. And when things get messy, we quickly find ourselves wanting to work anywhere in the house than the actual home office. After all, research shows that too much clutter can lead to lack of focus. 

Most of us are guilty of working from the bed, couch, or even the kitchen counter when the mess on your desk gets annoying. If this has been your situation with your home office desk, it’s time you spruce it up with fresh desk décor and organization tips. Here’s a rundown of 10 simple ways to make your home office desk chic and unique.


Pink Home Office Desk Decorations


1. Light Up Your Space

Light is, without a doubt, the single most crucial element in any home, especially the home office. Enough light in the room will bring everything together nicely. For instance, a colorful light bulb could give your home office space a whimsical vibe.

However, take your time to consider all your options because different light types do not work for every home office. Another great option for home office lighting is a desk lamp. The best part about your home office is that you have enough wiggle room to experiment with something that you wouldn’t otherwise add to your home décor.


10 Simple Ways to Make Your Home Office Desk Unique


2. Introduce Plants

Sometimes, we go overboard with adding greenery into our living space only to end up neglecting them. There’s no need to always go to your workarea stressing about how you should keep a plant or two alive in addition to your to-do list for the day. Instead, go for plants that require less maintenance and still look appealing to the eye.

For instance, Maidenhair ferns can grow beautifully indoors and are significantly large. More importantly, they are easy to maintain with only a few drops of water every other day. Additionally, you can accessorize your plant by using decorative planters instead of the pot you bought your plant in. Typically, planters are the perfect size for your home office desk.

Another interesting take is adding affordable fresh flowers to your desk to lift your mood. Flowers have a way of making you smile for no reason, even on those extremely stressful days.


10 Simple Ways to Make Your Home Office Desk Unique


3. Add Some Shelves

Desktop shelves have always been a great way to create extra storage and improve your home organization in your home office. So, while storing your items on the shelves, you can opt for clear storage containers to create a well-organized and aesthetically pleasing display of your rubber bands, paper clips, pencils, or even candy.

Anything you’d like to store but make it fancy. On top of that, you can use these shelves to place artwork, family photos, and plants. That instantly makes your home office desk space cozier without feeling cluttered.


4. Add Some Pop of Color

When styling your home office, minimalism is key. However, you can quickly get bored if it’s all neutral colors. Therefore, don’t be shy to add some pop of color. Office supplies always provide you with an excellent opportunity to add color accents.

For instance, you can spruce things up with pink printers to add color to your home office desk, you can use them to print, address, shipping, and personalized sticker labels.


MUNBYN pink thermal label printer on the desk


5. Decorate with a Wallpaper and Stickers

If you are a bit skeptical of repainting your entire home office space, you can decorate the desk area with unique peel-off décor. Some great options to beautify the space would be wallpaper and stickers. If your home office theme is pink, you can easily spruce up your desktop with pink print stickers to create dimension.


6. Shift Those Coffee Table Books to Your Desk

Do you see that stack of aspirational books chilling on your coffee table? Well, you can repurpose them for home desk dwellers. They can serve a stylish purpose on your desk as well. Stack up a few of your favorite coffee table books on your home desk and set a lamp, vase, or candle on top to create a beautiful set-up. With these books on your home office desk, you can flip a few pages on your breaks.


7. Create a Gallery Wall

If the walls in your home office are neutral, you can use that as an accent for a gallery wall. You can try arranging your prints on the floor until you achieve a harmonious look. This is your space, so crowd it with everything you love.

Hold up the gallery wall prints using removable wall strips. That will allow you to change things up from time to time, depending on your mood.

 Pro-tip; when choosing frames for art, go with matte frames, as they tend to make your art prints look more expensive and stylish. 


8. Add a Bulletin Board

Bulletin or dry-erase boards are another addition to your home office that will contribute to the overall aesthetic of the space. Add the bulletin board just above your home office desk. You can use it to write your to-do lists and other crucial information you don’t want to forget. Also, you can use the bulletin board to hang items you don’t want to misplace, art and photos.



9. Invest in a Comfortable Chair

Another crucial element that shouldn’t be taken for granted is your office chair. You are bound to spend hours on end in this chair, so you might as well get the best comfort. A comfortable chair is undoubtedly the heart of your home office’s comfort and productivity.

However, with the endless list of chairs in the market today, it can be a bit challenging to find the right one for you. Chair prices can range from as little as $30 to high-end options for over $1000. The trick is to take your time and learn more about these chairs before settling for a comfortable one.

Remember, if comfort is your primary goal, you must be willing to pay a little extra for it. At the same time, some chairs are slightly overpriced, and you could likely get the same at a lower price. Therefore, research is necessary! A comfortable chair will be a statement piece and double up as home office décor.


10. Display Cheerful Cards and Inspirational Quotes in Frames

Your home office should inspire you to work harder on your projects. And the best way to do this is by displaying inspirational quotes in frames on the wall to give you that extra push. However, ensure that you don’t go overboard with inspirational quotes. Too many words and frames on the wall could make the room feel crowded. A few frames, maybe one or two, should do the trick.

Additionally, you can accessorize your desks with cheerful cards that remind you of your family or business. These cards can include a company card, a gift card from your better half or child, and so on. The next time you leave an event with a photo booth with your friends, toss those pictures on your workspace and pin them on a bulletin board the next morning. That should remind you of those beautiful days as you go on with your daily activities.


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