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How to Package Jewelry for Small Business

How to Package Jewelry for Small Business

Selling jewelry is a very fascinating venture to consider and those who get involved in this business know that the packaging needs to be very attractive in order to impress customers. When a jewelry business is not matched with great packaging to go with it, this can hurt the business brand and even your sales.

This is the reason why we want to share five creative ideas that are going to make your jewelry packaging stand out from the rest. It is crucial for a business in this industry to find ways to stand out and create something above average. 

We will go over the following topics:

· Ideas for jewelry packaging design

· How to choose jewelry box packing material

· Personalized decorative labels for the packaging

· Tips on how to ship jewelry safely


Ideas for jewelry packaging design 

There are many things that people will usually take into consideration when they are looking for creative ideas. The first thing is to remember that jewels are always something linked to elegance. This means that it is much more likely that you will get optimal results from a package that is elegant.

Elegance is not really difficult to achieve and there are many ways to approach the process. The real obstacle is to make your elegant jewelry packaging unique. There are so many designs out there that it can be very difficult to come up with something different. With that said, even the slightest modifications can make a world of a difference if they are unique.

How to Package Jewelry for Small Business

How to choose jewelry box packaging material

The type of packaging that you choose for your jewelry is going to be essential for your brand appeal, but also for the overall presentation of the jewels you are selling. The following package options are very reliable and they could prove ideal depending on the situation. 

· The Two-piece box

This is the standard and the most commonly used jewelry box, but that does not mean that it is not effective. This is an excellent choice that many people love to use and it can be decorated and printed in any way you want.

· The pillow Box

This one is usually more fitting for rings and for similar jewelry, but it can be used for anything. The size of these boxes is usually smaller, but it is a very classy style of packaging. One that can also be properly branded for optimal results.

· Jewelry Pouches

A jewelry pouch is a unique approach without a doubt, but it is not a very formal way to present jewels. It also requires extra packaging when shipping, especially if you want to brand the packaging properly. 

· Wooden jewelry boxes

The wooden jewelry box has been catching on as a great alternative that is more of a rustic style, but classy in its own way. There are several types of wood for this purpose and some are a bit expensive, but the idea of a wooden jewelry box is very appealing.

· Recycled jewelry boxes

Some would say that a recycled box is no place for jewels, but environmentally friendly people will be happy to disagree. Think of this as the perfect alternative for anyone who is passionate about the preservation of the environment. 

How to Package Jewelry for Small Business

Personalized decorative labels for the packaging

One of the main things that you need to keep in mind at all times with jewelry is to brand your boxes. A great jewelry service is all about making an impact with your jewels, but also with your brand.

This means that you need to take the time to create labels, logos, and even slogans that will represent your brand in every jewelry packaging you sell. Once you are able to do that, you will find it easier to further expand your business.

One of the biggest issues with this process is that it can be expensive and time-consuming to look for a printing service. This makes it hard for you to customize any orders with ease and it can create unnecessary setbacks.

The use of a thermal printer can be an ideal way for you to print all your personalized sticker labels at home or at your place of business. There is no need to look for third parties to accomplish that goal. 

The MUNBYN custom label printer is an excellent choice for that purpose and it can give you impeccably colorful and high-definition prints. It is a compact device that is both durable and efficient. A perfect example of the kind of printer that anyone in the business of customized jewelry should own.

You save a ton of money and time with this addition to your business. The durability factor is also quite appealing and it is yet another reason why we are recommending this printer to our readers.

print custom stickers using MUNBYN custom label printer

Tips on how to ship jewelry safely

There are many issues that can happen during a shipping process, but you can lower the chances of damaged jewelry by considering the following tips to ensure the best protection for any packages you ship.

· Layers

This is a very important consideration and it is the first thing you should do when packaging your jewelry. First, place the jewels in a small box and then cover them in bubble wrap. Then get a larger box and place the wrapped jewels inside it. Just make sure that the larger box is only slightly larger.

· Keep the contents secret

There is no need for you to mention that a box has jewels in it and this is going to make it an easy target for thieves. As long as the name of the recipient and their address are properly added to the packaging, there is no need to announce the contents. You can print shipping labels with the MUNBYN label printer. A “fragile” label might be a good idea.

· Take the package to the postal service

It is better now to use drop box or delivery services for this type of packaging. This is going to help save you a lot of headaches and damaged boxes. You are also more likely to experience delays or setbacks this way. Also, make sure that you get a signature when you deliver it.

· Ensure your jewelry

Finding good jewelry insurance that covers both loose stones and finished jewelry is very important. This is particularly important for any full-time jewelry business. It will give you peace of mind when you are shipping any expensive jewels.

· Choose a reliable service

 Keep in mind that the quality of the carrier is always going to play a role in this process. This is the reason why we recommend that you always choose one that is reliable and known for quality deliveries. This is going to give you plenty of peace of mind.

Final thoughts on jewelry packaging

Any business that sells jewels should always consider the importance of an elegant, classy, durable, and safe jewelry packaging choice. This can be different depending on the situation, but the ideal way to handle this is to have the tools, materials, and any other necessary additions to produce the packaging and labeling without having to hire external assistance.

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