4 Things You Need to Know to Make Coffee Labels

4 Things You Need to Know to Make Coffee Labels

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Once you have your coffee product ready to hit the shelves, all you need to do is remember the importance of a proper label. This is the reason why we are going to share some of the most important information regarding coffee labels and how you can choose one that is perfect for your product. 


1. What to include on the labels

Before we get to other aspects regarding how to choose a label, we need to remember the mandatory information. There are several things required by the FDA and it is important to ensure that your labels have this information.


The requirements by the FDA are as follows:

  • The product name

This is very important and it is the main thing that people will remember when it comes to branding. You need to come up with a memorable name for your coffee and this is going to be extremely useful.

  • A barcode

It is essential for your coffee to have a machine-readable barcode in order to be a product that can be placed in stores, distributed, and sold anywhere. This barcode should be in a place that is convenient to see.

  • The list of ingredients used

A large number of people who purchase coffee want to know all the details about what is included in it. This is the reason why it is important to have detailed information regarding the ingredients.

  • The company information

Your company address, your contact information, and your website are commonly used for this purpose. It is always important to make it easy for consumers to get in touch with you in case they have any questions or want to buy your product straight from the source.

  • The net weight of the product

The net weight of the product is also very important in the list of FDA requirements. This makes it easier for any transportation or even for product placement to take place. 


make coffee labels


Other information worth considering includes:

  • The type of roast

This is also very important because some people find the type of roast to be very important. There are very specific taste differences between light, medium, dark, and freshly roasted coffee. While this is not something that casual coffee drinkers find important, it is a very big deal for those who appreciate flavor differences.

  • Fairtrade or organic 

This is the process that is involved in the creation of your product in terms of labor standards and other important aspects of it. Fairtrade is more focused on helping the farmers, while organic is more focused on environmental impact. 


2. Design your coffee labels

When you choose our label design, you will find it much easier to achieve the best results if you create a visually appealing label. When we talk about the design, we are not only referring to graphics, but also the shape, colors, and materials.

Once all of those elements are mixed together, you will have a brand to work with and that is essential. Never forget about the power of a brand and consider that your logo should be the type of image that sticks to the mind of each person that buys your coffee.


 make coffee labels


3. Choosing the right materials

You want to be able to make use of materials for your labels that are waterproof and oil-resistant. 

BOPP labels are commonly used. They are white, durable, and waterproof. It strongly adheres to the package. 

Eco-friendly labels are also an exceptional option with a growing number of customers concerned about environmental issues. MUNBYN direct thermal labels are ideal for that purpose. They not only come in a variety of colors and are water and oil-resistant, but they are also very affordable. These labels are highly recommended for small businesses.


4. Print your labels

One of the biggest issues that people have when ordering labels from a third party is that they either get too many or too few. Ordering a bulk of labels might cause a waste of cost, and this is the last thing small business owners want. Having your own printer allows you to print based on your demand. MUNBYN thermal printer is perfectly used for printing brand stickers, shipping labels, sticker labels, etc.



print coffee labels using MUNBYN thermal label printer



Now that you have a better idea of how this process works, you can start designing the perfect label to ensure that your coffee is unforgettable from the moment people see the presentation.


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