Creative Coffee Packaging Ideas

Creative Coffee Packaging Ideas

The coffee business is always a good business to start without a doubt. The main thing to consider at all times is that you need to promote your coffee in ways that will ensure the best outcome. This is a product that sells very well, but you have to ensure that your brand stands out and that starts with the packaging.

Today, we are going to share some useful ideas that are going to allow you to choose an ideal type of packaging for your specific product needs.

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Why is proper packaging important?

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Types of packaging

The types of packaging that you choose are always going to play an important role in any coffee business. They will determine the quality and durability of the product in many ways. This is the reason why packaging is very important even if you have a small business. 


Side-fold pouches

The side fold pouch is probably the most affordable and accessible type of packaging for anyone to use. This can be great for coffee, but in most cases, it is also the least durable material.


Creative Coffee Packaging Ideas


Quad seal bags

There are two-side gussets that help seal these types of bags to ensure a better result. This is also a good choice for those who want a bit of a sturdier packaging option that is also practical.


Creative Coffee Packaging Ideas




The Doypack is becoming one of the most popular choices all over the world due to how easy it is to seal it back up. The fact that they come with a Ziploc for perfect sealing as often as needed is another reason why it has become a popular choice.


Creative Coffee Packaging Ideas



The Flat bottom pouch package

The flat bottom packaging is great due to how much product it can hold. It is also a very protective package that is worth considering if you want to invest in a great option that can be quite an upgrade to other packages.


Creative Coffee Packaging Ideas


Sustainable packaging

There are many sustainable types of packaging, but one of the preferred choices for coffee packaging is compostable packaging-kraft paper. This is the best option for those who want to cater to an environmentally conscious audience.


Include details on the package

You need to keep in mind that there are several specifications regarding your coffee that need to be detailed in the package. The following are the most relevant and they will prove to be essential for a great packaging display.


The type of roast


· Light roast

The lighter roast usually means that there will be more acidity and caffeine in the bean. The origin flavor of coffee is also easier to identify when the roast is light. This is a popular type of coffee for those who want to experience maximum origin flavor.


· Medium Roast

The medium roast is the common type of coffee that is consumed in the US. While this is not a post about what type of coffee you should sell, we find it important to mention that this is the most common one sold in North America.


· Medium Dark

This is the type of roast that will start to show oils on the surface of the beans and there is less acidity with a fuller flavor. It is not as commonly seen as the medium roast, but it has gained popularity over the years.


· Dark

This is the sweetest tasting type of roast and it is impossible to taste any kind of origin flavors on this roast. While this is mainly popular in Europe, it is starting to see more and more demand in the US.


Recommend the way to brew the coffee

A short message stating the best way to brew the coffee depending on the roast and the type of coffee is always a good idea. This is a nice touch that the buyers will appreciate finding on the package.


Where the coffee comes from

This is also going to be a great thing to consider, as it will allow the buyer to know the exact origins of the coffee beans. Some people find this to be very important and it will be a determining factor when they make a purchase.


Brand story

This is the part where you have to make things shine and it will be the cherry on top. The brand story is going to set your coffee apart with a nice message that inspires people to become fans of your brand. You can print your brand story with label stickers.

A good thing that you can consider with packaging is that you should have a practical way to print your custom labels. This process would be super easy and fast with MUNBYN thermal printers, which save a lot of time and energy for small business owners.



print coffee labels using MUNBYN thermal printers



Why is proper packaging important?

The type of packaging you choose for your coffee is going to be very important. It will help define your brand in many ways and it will also help protect your coffee beans. The packaging you use will help keep the coffee fresh and this is why the best choices often have Ziplocs. The type of packaging you choose is also going to ensure that you can showcase and distribute the product with ease.


Promoting your packaging

When you decide to start your business, you need to make sure that you are promoting your packaging. A good way to do this is to jump straight into social media. This is going to give you that initial push by promoting your content with your friends and family.

It is important to start a business page and not to promote the brand on your page only. It is a good idea to post about your business page on your page. This will give you some exposure and it can lead to shares that get more people to show interest.

Always remember that even the best coffee brand packaging and presentation need to be promoted. If you are not good at marketing your products, you will not be able to get enough people to know about your product.

The good news is that the internet makes it much easier for anyone to promote all kinds of products and services. Social media, blogging, and influencer mentions are all great ways to start showcasing your brand to your target audience.


Final thoughts

At the end of the day, most of the options for coffee packaging that we have mentioned are worth considering. The best way to guarantee that your coffee brand will gain momentum and achieve results is to create an attractive packaging presentation. 

Always remember that the choice of packaging is going to influence the design that you can create for your brand. This is going to end up being the main element to the success of your coffee business.


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