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There is a roll of pink circle labels on the MUNBYN pink and white plastic label roll holder.
MUNBYN pink and white plastic label roll holder is 5.62" wide and 5.47" high.
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Use the MUNBYN black 2-in-1 label holder to bring greater convenience to printing labels.
MUNBYN 2-in-1 label holder has a spindle, making it easier to collect paper.
MUNBYN black plastic label roll holder is easy to install and can hold both roll and fanfold labels.
The minimum inner core size of the label holder for roll labels is one inch, and the maximum width of the label is 4 inches.
There are 2 ways to hold the spindle of the label holder.
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2 in 1 Label holder for Shipping Thermal Label Printer for roll and fan-fold stacks labels
MUNBYN black plastic label roll holder is easy to assemble.

MUNBYN Roll and Fan-Fold 2 in 1 Label Holder for Printer

Sale price$18.99

· The label holder is suitable for most printers.

· Size Adjustable & Easy Installation.

· Wide application for use in warehouses, offices, etc.


Size:Pink Small Holder
MUNBYN pink label holder for fanfold labels and roll labels

About this item

  • [Universal Compatibility] These Label Holders are suitable for most printers.
  • [Wide Application] For Use in Warehouse, Office, Supermarket,Retail, Factory, Delivery, pharmacy store, etc.
  • [Easy Installation] These label holders are easy to assemble. Use  label roll holders to store and use your thermal labels. Keep your labels organized and accessible with this roll label holder.
  • [Size Adjustable] The large roll holder size is adjustable, min inner core size: 1.18'' - max outer diameter 8'' - Fan-Fold holder: max label width 6.2''
    The pink label holder support min inner core size: 0.74'' (for Rolls labels) - max outer label diameter: 6‘’ - max label width: 4.76''
  • [Best match] The large roll holder is ideal for Printers that limit roll size or require 1.5" Core
MUNBYN label roll holder makes it easy to place and print labels.
MUNBYN sticker holder saves desk space.
MUNBYN label roll holder fits labels of different sizes and shapes.
MUNBYN pink 2-in-1 label roll holder