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How to be a more organized mom--starting with labeling

  Not everyone knows that the job that mom needs to deal with in this profession is no less than weekdays worked in the company. When you want to prepare dinner for your family, prepare school bags and stationery for your children, iron your husband’s shirts, deal with Saturday's medical examinations and so on. The tasks to be completed in a day are too cumbersome to make it easy for people to lose their order and forget some important things. In order to avoid the headaches that your child loses stationery or your husband can’t find the shirt one day, you may only need to start by making your label. Making labels not only serves as a reminder but also serves as a mark and storage and the role of record items. Let us see what changes a labeled life will bring to mothers.


1 Tagged list records

  To become a more organized mother, the easiest thing that can be done first is to make a to do list every day. Clearly plan the best time to do those things. This is the beginning of the day organized. Exquisite mothers need to record not only what should be in the children's schoolbags, but also the ingredients that need to be prepared for dinner, the suit jacket that the husband will wear the next day, and so on. Each tedious task is completed from the first item recorded in the task list, in order, and will not miss the preparations for the children to go to school and the husband to go to work. This will be a proud moment for mothers. Use a label to record the to-do list and place it where you can easily see it so that moms will not be in a hurry on Monday morning.


2 Reminders for labeled items

  In the calendar of the year, there are always whose birthday is on a certain day, as well as a certain important examination of the children, whose anniversary, parents' regular physical examinations, and so on. In order not to miss these important days and events that need to be completed on the calendar, it will be a good choice for you to label the events in the calendar. Most of the thermal labels are very suitable for your planner so that you will not miss any important exams or inspections and at each specific time brings ritual warmth to your family.

the label examples of MUNBYN Bluetooth portable label maker


3 Label storage

  Your child needs to play with many other children during school. And their pens, books, lunch boxes, stationery boxes, etc. all of these need to be separated from other children. Some cute special labels will make your children remember their possessions and prevent them from feeling confused looking for Science textbooks or math textbooks. In addition, after finishing the storage of your children's stationery, you can also start preparing for your family storage. In the glass bottles in your kitchen refrigerator, the boxes in the cupboards, what are these containers, can you remember each of them? The answer is no. You will often be confused about the composition of the transparent liquid,and you are not sure whether you have taken the wrong thing. If each container has your label on it, which will decrease the probability of taking the wrong item. In addition, in your bedroom drawer, there may be stored socks, hats, tissues or ties, and a variety of daily necessities. If you sort them into their respective drawers, your husband and yourself will have a grasp of where the items you need are. For the marking of drawers and cabinets, you must have a label maker to make specific labels.Organizing your bedroom and labeling containers can significantly reduce confusion and save time. When you have bunk beds, clear labels on storage containers help identify items easily, minimizing the chances of grabbing the wrong one. In your bedroom drawers, neatly arranging socks, hats, ties, and other daily necessities with specific labels allows both you and your husband to find what you need effortlessly, making your daily routines smoother.

Comparison between before and after the use of labels


  You only need to have a MUNBYN portable label maker to fully realize label liberalization design. When you get used to planning and organizing your family life well, you will find how efficient the labeling world is,  all kinds of stationery will be littered by your children and your husband can’t find his tie, Forgetting mother’s birthday, forgetting to remind her daughter of important exams, these similar embarrassing moments, Munbyn labeling maker can be saved to a great extent!

During use, you only need to download the APP MUNBYN Print and connect to Bluetooth to use it, which means you can use it under any circumstances, as long as the Bluetooth of your mobile phone is not wrong! When printing, you can set different text sizes according to the situation, and you can also choose different icons to add interest to your labels. The most lovely thing is that not only the printer looks cute, but the label paper is. You can choose different colors and different grid patterns. There will always be a look you like with so many labels. Munbyn hopes that you can experience the joy of tidying up in your life, and planning your life with labels can make you a more organized mom!

MUNBYN portable label maker with thermal labels

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